18 responses to ““Hold Fast to Your Dreams” … or … Indispensable (CV)

  1. totally agree! love your post, tzivia

    dreams have always been so important for me. even when i was a child, they would often help me.

  2. I wish I dreamed as regularly as I di as a child but sometimes insomnia takes over.

  3. I often solve difficult situations in my dreams and wake up with an answer to a problem. I agree – dreams are very important.

  4. I agree with Heather, and I know I have solved a problem when I have been asleep by how I feel when I awake.

  5. You are definitely influencing me regarding dreams. Last night I asked my dream for advice, and it told me to “listen” so all day today I listened and had some magical and just pure being in the moment moments because of the advice from that dream!
    And I would never have thought to ask the dream if not for you!
    Thanks for your guidance, inspiration, and indispensablity(is that the right usage?) And thank you for reaching my ♡ in Cate’s comments:)):)) ,

  6. Dreams are my alternate world, and sometimes I really can’t tell which one I love best, the one where I struggle as a mother, as an artist, as a wife, as a citizen, or the one where I can do anything I like, confront people and solve situations and fly at will…

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  8. in a sense, sometimes, i wish they were dispensable, kind of when they’re scary, or when they (i don’t know) wear me out already (and it’s just turned morning). but then, i’d like to think they are indispensable for relieving me of tension anyway, in a far further stretched way than i can possibly fathom. i trust that.
    {the lady with the smile in her coffee speaking…}

    • Oh, those scary dreams are indispensable, too! They wouldn’t bother actin so menacing if they didn’t have something really important to tell you 🙂 But for now I wish you all blissful and sweet dreams…

  9. true, Tzivia, I too experience things in my dreams that I could never experience awake, but they always seem brief flickers – I do wish my day dreams had the same intensity and outcome!

  10. David

    I too love the experience of my night journeys. My question to you is how do you convince yourself to leave the experience to write it down. I just want to continue to be with the journey or fall back asleep so that I can have another experience. Alas, they poof into the clouds if I don’t write them down.

    • Hi David,
      Good question, thanks for asking. Well, I don’t quite leave my journeys behind to write them down. After I wake from a dream I first lie in bed and think about it, savor it, etc. Then, if it’s a dream I want to remember and/or do dreamwork with at a later date, I use the voice memo function on my iPhone (which I keep by my bed set to “airplane mode” so the phone isn’t sending or receiving signals while I sleep) and I record the dream orally. Later in the day I can type up a dream report if I like. Using the iPhone means I don’t have to get up, turn on a light or find a pen to record my dreams, and I’m able to fall back to sleep and experience more! For more on this topic look at my post: https://allthesnoozethatsfittoprint.wordpress.com/2011/01/04/why-the-iphone-is-a-dreamer%E2%80%99s-best-friend/

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