Joy in Every Moment

Joy Cover

Happiness is already here in this moment, just waiting to be discovered! in my book Joy in Every Moment I offer a treasury of small, creative ways to shift your perspective and uncover surprising bits of joy over the course of your day. Whether you’re making dinner, commuting, exercising, working at the computer, or brushing your teeth, every moment of your life offers an opportunity to discover happiness. Short essays are accompanied by practical exercises to try and exquisite illustrations by artist Olaf Hajek. This is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to increase their daily experience of joy, including yourself.

Purchase a copy of Joy in Every Moment here.

If you LOVE the idea of adding joy & meaning to your life, one moment at a time, I invite you to LIKE my AUTHOR PAGE on Facebook. That’s where I share quotes, tips, and articles to inspire you.

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