15 responses to “Can a Dream Change Your Life? In a Word, Yes. (CV)

  1. A profound rumination on dreams and change and life. Very enlightening.

  2. Thank you for sharing such a moving and life changing experience.

  3. What an enlightening experience for you. I have always listened to my dreams. Some have foreseen death and birth and many interesting things so I always pay attention to them.

  4. Dreams sometimes hold the key to change. xo

  5. beautiful, i so enjoy your way with words and images. you are one gifted lady, and true to yourself. sometimes we remind ouselves of the process, true… i can only confirm this, since i dare to wander about and away from myself, and then curl back on myself. if i don’t do it automatically, there’ll be a sign, or two ahead of me, flagging wildly… 😉
    ha, dear change! love it. X

    • Thank you, N., for your kind words, your reflection, and wisdom! It’s true that when we wander away there are signs to coax us back. Sadly for us, we don’t always listen. Happy for us when we do!

  6. the time to recommit to ourselves is precious, and is the time we so often so without. I need a birthday dream … today is my birthday, perhaps I shall dream tonight!

  7. zzzzzzzzzzz indeed. dream on.

  8. Wow, interesting post. It makes me think a lot. About my dreams, when I’m sleeping or when I’m awake… I use to deconstruct my dream all along the day, sometimes with undecided flashes, sometimes in a voluntary mood. Thanks!

  9. hi Tzivia,
    you are indeed a living dreaming testimonial for your dreamwork practice, it’s amazing the depth your dreams take you to and how you integrate their messages so mindfully into your life. And from recent conversations I can feel that you are going even more and more into Life through the connection with your dreams. Its an inspiration to imagine how much more we can trust ourselves to lead our way if we just tune in.
    I second the above”thanks’s!”

    happy dreamy days,

  10. David

    Thank you for sharing how you took in the dream instead of dismissing it “as a typical chase dream.”

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