Explore Your Dreams

Got Dreams?

It might be a nightmare, a recurring dream that just won’t let go or a dream whose message you simply can’t figure out. Whatever it is, Tzivia is trained to help you discover the meanings and messages within your dreams.

Private Dream Consultation can help you:
* Gain insight into your dreams
* Improve your ability to recall dreams
* Get to know yourself more deeply
* Access your creativity and find solutions to your problems

Sessions include exploration of a dream, follow-up suggestions and instruction and guidance for understanding dreams on your own. Sessions can be conducted in person (in Western Massachusetts or occasionally in other locations) as well as by telephone or Internet (Skype). Sessions last for up to 50 minutes and start at $45. Prices may vary depending on individual needs, time of sessions, etc.

For more information leave a comment here, or contact Tzivia through Third House Moon.

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