Dreaming is the Poet’s Work (CV)

In her book The Writing Life, Annie Dillard claims she never learned anything useful from a dream. And yet she gives us this quote by Octavio Paz:

Octavio Paz cites the example of Saint-Pol Roux, who used to hang the inscription ‘The poet is working’ from his door while he slept.”

From The Writing Life by Annie Dillard (p. 15)

Clearly Paz gained much from dreaming …

“Between what I see and what I say

Between what I say and what I keep silent

Between what I keep silent and what I dream

Between what I dream and what I forget:


Octavio Paz

What about you … what do your dreams teach you? What lives between silence and dreams? Dreams and forgetting? … What poetic insights have you gleaned from a night of dreaming?

No need to rush to answer …. close your eyes and go to sleep and see if your dreams have an opinion.


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2 responses to “Dreaming is the Poet’s Work (CV)

  1. I love the quote by O Paz, and I find your second question (what lives between silence and dreams) very thoughtprovoking.
    Leave a link for this post in my CV, everyone should read it!

    • Thank you for visiting! And I look forward to knowing what answers you come up with in response to the question … or is the question simply enough without an answer?

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