Resolve to Remind Yourself

What is it about New Year’s resolutions that makes them so easy to forget? Let’s face it, making resolutions is easy. Sticking to them–not so much. Here are some tips to help support you in succeeding at keeping your New Year’s intentions:

  • Touch in. Keep a touchstone (an object to remind you of your intention) close at hand in a pocket or pocketbook. Each time you see it, remind yourself of your New Year’s intention.
  • Home in. Take a picture of your touchstone, or of some other image that reminds you of your intention, and make iIMG_1020t the Home Screen Image  on your smart phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Be alarming. Add a label to your alarms and alerts on your smart phone or other devices that reminds you of your intention. So, rather than having an alarm that says “Wake Up” your label might read, “Wake Up to Joy,” to remind you of your intention to live joyfully.
  • Drop anchor. Another good way to stick to your resolution is to anchor your intention to something you do every day. For example, each time you brush your teeth, focus on lovingkindness, if that is your intention. Or meditate for each morning while your coffee is brewing, if you are aiming to bring more mindfulness into your year.

Get creative and have fun finding different ways to build Resolution Reminders into your day.


Here at AllTheSnoozeThat’sFitToPrint we’re resolving to do New Year’s Resolutions differently. Today’s post is part of a week-long series on mindful ways of creating New Year’s Resolutions that work. You can read the first post when you click here. Then follow along.

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