Bunny Dreams: What does it mean when you dream of a pet? (CV*)

Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny

When my daughter moved away a couple of years ago, she left her bunny with me—“for a couple of weeks,” so she said at the time. And so, I have become the keeper and companion of an adorable, overfed, dwarf bunny.

I often dream of Honey Bunny (my daughter named her). I dream that she’s on the loose, or I’m chasing her through the house, or reconstructing her cage. I once dreamed another animal had come to steal her water …

When we dream of pets we are sometimes dreaming of parts of ourselves that are instinctual, or those wild parts of ourselves that have been tamed. A dream of a pet can also point to a desire for affection.

Rabbits in particular are said to represent luck, fertility, taking chances, and more.

Pets that appear in our dreams, like everything in a dream, have something unique to tell us. Perhaps the best way to find what message they have come to deliver is to ask them directly through active imagination or journaling.

Recently I spent a few moments exploring what Honey Bunny might want to show me. This is what a quick writing exercise revealed:

This Bunny

The color of lavender before it blushes

With glassy eyes that track changing light and sleepy shadows

Dreaming awake of a world without bite.

With the voice of no voice

She tells me:

Be gentle



–Tzivia Gover

[In addition to being a reflection on a dream symbol, this poem is also part of my effort to write 30 poems in November as part of Center for New America’s fundraising campaign for literacy. Click here to sponsor me and donate to a very good cause!]

To write a dream poem about your pet:

Z Imagine you are the animal.

Z Enter into an imaginary dialogue with your pet. You can focus on your pet as it appears in your dreams, or as it exists in waking life.

Z On the page, imaginatively interview your pet. Ask what it loves most, what its purpose is, what it fears most, what it desires most, and what it has come to tell you.

Z Arrange the answers to these questions into a short poem. Edit out any unnecessary words and what you are left with might just carry the essence of your pet’s nature, and the hidden gifts it has to offer you.

You can do this exercise whether or not you have dreamed of your pet. All animals have something to teach us about our selves and our place in the world.



I wonder if Honey Bunny ever dreams of me.


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8 responses to “Bunny Dreams: What does it mean when you dream of a pet? (CV*)

  1. Bev

    When my deceased pets appear in my dreams it actually feels like a visit from them, extra time we can spend together and usually I will wake up feeling grateful.

  2. Honey Bunny is adorable! I, too, dream about my pets – past and present. Lately, I’ve had a lot of dreams about my missing cat, Willie. They are usually very good as I find her and she is okay.

  3. That would go a great adventure to travel with bunny.

  4. Honey Bunny is very cute!
    I dream sometimes about being on a horse, a white one, gives me a feeling of freedom!

  5. i wonder how many parents end up with their kids’ pets! 🙂
    good luck on the poems, it’s a wonderful project!

  6. beautiful messages from bunny!

  7. honey

    I regularly dream of my pet bunnies. few among them were.
    1.Along with my younger brother I was trying to save my bunnies from a yellow anaconda which sneaked into my room on a rainy night. but I could not save one of my 5 rabbits. 😦
    2. I was carrying my bunny in my arms.. they were bigger, totally white and talking with me and telling me that I was very good and he likes me.
    3. I was going out and somehow my house was surrounded with yellow snakes so I was securing my rabbits nicely in a cage before going…

    I have total 5 rabbits nd all of them have brown patches over their white coat. but every time I dream of them I see them fully white. but I know they are exactly my own rabbits nd I call them by their original names.

    every night I dream of them and in most of the dreams I save them from dangers or feed them something very delicious… can someone please interpret my so frequent bunny dreams.

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