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Bunny Dreams: What does it mean when you dream of a pet? (CV*)

Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny

When my daughter moved away a couple of years ago, she left her bunny with me—“for a couple of weeks,” so she said at the time. And so, I have become the keeper and companion of an adorable, overfed, dwarf bunny.

I often dream of Honey Bunny (my daughter named her). I dream that she’s on the loose, or I’m chasing her through the house, or reconstructing her cage. I once dreamed another animal had come to steal her water …

When we dream of pets we are sometimes dreaming of parts of ourselves that are instinctual, or those wild parts of ourselves that have been tamed. A dream of a pet can also point to a desire for affection.

Rabbits in particular are said to represent luck, fertility, taking chances, and more.

Pets that appear in our dreams, like everything in a dream, have something unique to tell us. Perhaps the best way to find what message they have come to deliver is to ask them directly through active imagination or journaling.

Recently I spent a few moments exploring what Honey Bunny might want to show me. This is what a quick writing exercise revealed:

This Bunny

The color of lavender before it blushes

With glassy eyes that track changing light and sleepy shadows

Dreaming awake of a world without bite.

With the voice of no voice

She tells me:

Be gentle



–Tzivia Gover

[In addition to being a reflection on a dream symbol, this poem is also part of my effort to write 30 poems in November as part of Center for New America’s fundraising campaign for literacy. Click here to sponsor me and donate to a very good cause!]

To write a dream poem about your pet:

Z Imagine you are the animal.

Z Enter into an imaginary dialogue with your pet. You can focus on your pet as it appears in your dreams, or as it exists in waking life.

Z On the page, imaginatively interview your pet. Ask what it loves most, what its purpose is, what it fears most, what it desires most, and what it has come to tell you.

Z Arrange the answers to these questions into a short poem. Edit out any unnecessary words and what you are left with might just carry the essence of your pet’s nature, and the hidden gifts it has to offer you.

You can do this exercise whether or not you have dreamed of your pet. All animals have something to teach us about our selves and our place in the world.



I wonder if Honey Bunny ever dreams of me.


*Corner View is a weekly appointment each Wednesday, where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme. This week’s theme is PetsStart here to visit more Corner View blogs.


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Ever been kidnapped by a dreamer?

kidnap poem

(after Nikki Giovanni)

ever been kidnapped by a dreamer?

i’m a dreamer and i’m gonna kidnap you

gonna hypnotize your hypnogogic reverie

put you in my archetype, my anima, my animus

or maybe, or maybe, wrap your in moonbeams

lucid you with lullabies

snooze you to xanadu

i’ll rock you in recollection, rescue your recurrences

nightingale your nightmares

light your cigars, board your train

wake you with my love song.

yeah, I’m a dreamer.

i’m gonna kidnap you.

© 2013 Tzivia Gover


This poem represents the 3rd poem I’ve written this month in an effort to write 30 Poems in November as part of a fundraiser for immigrant literacy. To sponsor me in my Poem-a-Day challenge, please visit: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/Tzivia/30poems


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Dreams are perfect poems

packed with symbols, puns, and perfectly


So why do we feel obliged

to edit and revise?

{by me at age 23 … March 1986 journal … and yes, I did a little bit of editing}

This is poem 19 in my 30 Poems in November Challenge. To see the rest of this month’s poems visit my other blog.

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A Note from Me at 23:

a found poem

In this dream, I examine a leather glove

to see how it’s made. Will I unmake it, or make more?

I examine the patterns on Emily’s cape. I want to imitate her good taste.

I look Joy in the eye and say, I want to know you like a man.

I chew bubble gum and call my friend a wench.

I’m scared. I’m tired, but I can only go to sleep. Can’t I rest?

Is that why I want you? Because I’m all alone with these dreams?

I love to sleep, the way my dreams take me places,

the way they take me in.

Writing has always been

the answer. Dreaming

the question.

by Tzivia Gover 2012 & 1986


(from my journal Jan. 10, 1986)

This month I am participating, with my students, in “30 Poems in November”, a fundraiser for literacy. We’ll be posting a poem a day on our blog. To sponsor us, or get more information, please send me a message through this site or visit: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/TheCareCenter/30-poems-in-november-2012

To see my other November poems see: http://www.learninginmrstowneshouse.com/blog.html


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#29: Some Questions You Might Ask

after Mary Oliver

What if this is the dream

and real life happens when you’re asleep?

Why do I remember so many dreams each night

but I can’t remember where I left my keys?

Why don’t I have dreams in which I meet Salome

and find ancient skulls in crypt-like depths, as Jung did?
Instead I dream of searching — night after night —

for a bathroom stall with a clean seat.

Why do people always ask if I dream in color?

And what do dolphins dream about?
What if Freud was right?

How many other people’s dreams have I appeared in?
And what was I wearing?

When you reach Nirvana, do you still dream?

And why is it called a nightmare

and not a nightstallion — or steed?

What if the dream needs

the dreamer the way God need our prayers?

And did you have a good night’s sleep?
Tell me, what did you dream?


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#28: Inside Dream

A poem featuring anagrams for Dream*

Open up this dream

and find a dare;

a dram

to set your imagination on fire; a ream

of memory and association. It’s who you are

and what I am,

the heart and art of me.

There’s a wandering ram,

the racing mare

of night who carries an armed

man, mad.

No surprise, you’ll find REM

of course — an ad

but no one’s paying. Dream

glows red

and yes, it lives in color. Look inside and read

“Dear … “

— a salutation in search of listening ear

*inspired by and adapted from the poetic form created by  Terrance Hayes, in which the end-word in each line is an anagram for the chosen word, in this case, Dream.

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#27: Autobiography in Dreams


I’m in a public arena with no clothes on.


There are tests but I’m mot prepared.


The car has no brakes.


I’m losing all my teeth


I realize I’mdreaming and tell myself to wake up.


I open my eyes but I’m still dreaming.



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#26 My Dream About the Fox

The fox has wily red fur

The fox needs a trim

The fox needs a man

To communicate his need

For a trim.

The man tells the dreamer

That the fox needs a trim

The dreamer frets

Because the fox needs a trim

And where does one find someone

To give a fox a trim?

“I can do it,” the man says.

“Then why did you need me?”
The Dreamer asks.

The man doesn’t appear

To have heard the question.

The fox heard, but he

Can’t answer

Except in silence

Which is too bad because

The fox with his wily red fur

In need of a trim

Is the only one

Who truly knows.




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#25: In This Mirror

A woman is walking along the shore

To a house at the edge of a wood

Where goodbye is waiting

Where her life is waiting

To begin again.



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# 24: In This Mirror

I see

My face

As the rain

Sees it.




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