Serendipity: The Dreamer’s Winding Path (CV)

Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you’ve found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.”

Lawrence Block, Mystery Writer

The Dreamer’s Path Leads to Places You Didn’t  Know You were Looking For
On This Path You’ll Discover
Things You Never Expected to Find
(but you can expect to be daZZled)
p.s. I’ve been inspired on my serendipitous path by my sister, who is a first-class finder of the unexpected!
Go ahead…look at these Corner View blogs and see what you find …


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7 responses to “Serendipity: The Dreamer’s Winding Path (CV)

  1. :)

    Maybe we have examples to keep with your sister’s experience 😉 Nice way to “read” serendipity.

  2. Thank you sister! I am honored to serendipitously come across the mention.
    And vicey versey as Fred Flinstone says!
    You are an inspiration to me on this serendipitous journey also known as life.
    You also may inspire me to start picking things up again, I have been neglecting my FOUND blog!
    I like the way you put the moments together in the photo, and did you know its snowing fairy dust back here on the comments page.
    Happy serendipitous days! ♡

  3. PS I love it, now I see its snowing fairy dust everywhere!
    Serendipitous shower indeed (and PSS I mentioned to Otli on his comment page about the first time I encountered SERENDIPITY was at the ice cream parlor of that name in NY, do you remember that and going there? I can`t remember what Ice Cream I had, but I remember the mood was really fun)

  4. Ale

    wow!! now that is definitely a surprise! That’s a gorgeous path to the beach, i’d follow it!

  5. Bonnie

    Tzivia, I know I mentioned our upcoming expo to you on 12/14-12/16. Do you want a table and an opportunity to speak at the expo? I only have one table left and I thought I would offer it to you. If you are planning on doing some workshops out of the center then there is no charge for either. Dave and I wanted to give folks an opportunity to boost there business out of the center specifically. If you would like to attend then we would need to set some dates so folks can sight up for classes at the expo. Please let me know by noon today as I am putting together the final list of speakers and assigning tables.

    Bonnie McLoud “Do not go where there is a path,go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

    Sent from my iPad

  6. Hi Tzivia, I didn’t realize you were a published author! Wow wonderful! The link you left for your book gives me 404 error (“site unpublished”), so I searched Amazon, and found TWO books by you – I linked to them both, ok?

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