Dream Catcher on My Wall (CV)

The dream catcher that hangs over my bed was purchased last year during a dream conference in N. Carolina. (Thank you DNMNK)

Crisscrossed with light-

filled fibers that catch

dreams like stars

loosed from the sky. Thoughts

like acorns

falling from a tree

into a still lake. Ripples,

open into a corolla

of stories,

memories —

This wall hanging entitled "Dream Tree" was a gift in honor of becoming certified as a Dream Therapist in April. (Thank you again, DNMNK!) It also hangs in my bedroom.

a golden crown.Β  A hoop

Encircling emptiness,

opening space

for a dream

to drop into.

Last night

a yellow slip of paper

blew into my dream.

My last hope

penned on pale sunshine,

and chased by the wind

through the open net.

This painting of lily pads was done by one of my students. It's like a still pond for dreams to fall into.

Only my happiness,

my heart, held

in the web.



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16 responses to “Dream Catcher on My Wall (CV)

  1. Congratulations on becoming a Dream Therapist. That is a lovely wall hanging.

  2. you must have nice dreams here!

  3. I like the dream catcher. When our Top3 was about four, he started having these terrible nightmares. He couldn’t remember what they were about, except that he was so scared he slept with his eyes open πŸ˜‰ We started with a dream bear, a dream pillow, a dream book and then on to a dream catcher. Slowly, we showed him how he could create a little story to dream about, for instance, walking along the beach, wanting an icecream, buying one with mummy and daddy. When his dream would turn sour, he’d have the dream catcher and all the other dream stuff to remind him of his intent to dream safely. It took us two years, and then he finally found a way. (The dream catcher still hangs above his bed, and he frequently takes it outside to clear it of old dreams.)

    • Yes, children’s nightmares can be so challenging! I admire the creative and thoughtful ways you helped your son! Wish him sweet and healing dreams from me πŸ™‚

  4. Dream catcher… I’d love to have one. I have many vivid dreams and some of them are not exactly so dreamy.
    Thank you for sharing your Corner!


    • Hi Kasia,
      Those not-so-dreamy dreams have lots of important things to say to you … but they do say that the dream catcher filters out the “nightmares.” For me, I welcome them all. Each has important information for me, I find!
      Wishing you healing dreams!

  5. I love how the poem opens up spaces and leaves room for things to fly through.
    Dreamy walls, walls opening to dreams…
    Precious treasures from the conference and beautiful painting by your student.
    xo J

    PS the word in my post says “ai”, means “love”. Same “ai” sound that is in “ai” kawarazu.
    I forgot to add the word “ai” in the post, but added it after your q, hope now it’s a little more decipherable!
    Thanks for asking:))

  6. I love the dream catcher—it’s etheral beauty captures my attention. The poem has so many depths to it. I esp. like . . . “Ripples, open into a corolla of stories, memories. . .” Wonderful imagery.

  7. Love your punning title at the Gray Lady of Times Square’s expense.

  8. Virginia

    beautiful. I too love the way the poem has so much space like the dream catcher!

  9. it is one beautiful, meaningful tree!
    i think i also really like that yellow piece o’ paper that slipped into your dream… like a post-it? πŸ˜‰

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