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On the Nature of Dreams

“As is generally known, we cannot manipulate dreams: they are, as it were, the voice of nature within us.” – Marie-Louise von Franz

Wild animals are in the woods beyond

The house. My sister and mother stand oblivious

To the gathering hoard of the furred and the fanged

They stand amongst the shadowed trees and chat.

“Come in, come in,” I cry, as a wolf saunters by;

The pack is distracted by her sinuous stride and a black bear joins the crowd.

Finally! At last! My family heeds my cry; they come inside.

But the walls, you see, are made of screens,

And no one ever remembers to close the door behind.

It’s impossible, or so it seems,

to shut the wild beasts out.

— Tzivia

(from DR 10-3-10 )

See Corner Views from around the world at these blogs … this week’s theme is nature: 

Quoted from On Dreams and Death, introduction xii


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2 responses to “A Poem on the Nature of Dreams – CV

  1. Where the wild things are, in us…funny again or nothing is a coincidence, I also looked at nature this week from the inside view!
    Also on the news in Japan recently there are many bears wandering around in many parts because of the hot climate and they need to come out from the mountains for food.
    Maybe the wild is getting closer than we think!
    I like your poem.
    From the sister in the dream and in real life ,

  2. i like your place. it’s imaginative, and yet it’s graphic too. i feel safe and at home, when i wander, and read a little, and associate with the images.
    thank you for a little safe haven…

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