Early morning. The tree outside my window
is plentiful with songbirds. Cardinal, blue jay
is that a finch? I don’t know the names
of these bright feathered visitors,
each alighted on its own branch
in a harmonious arrangement.
And then, as if in answer to my wish,
some cosmic calligrapher begins
to pen the name of each bird beneath
its branch. The elaborate and elegant script
spells out – I can’t remember what.
But it is not the real name of the bird,
it is instead a humorous moniker
written in such a serious hand. I laugh,
a bright joy in the bright darkness
of sleep. I wish I could remember
what was written there. If I could,
then maybe now I would hear
your laugh, too.


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4 responses to “Birdsong

  1. I spent years birding and even bought tapes and CDs to memorize many bird songs…I have dreamnt of birds sometimes, not often enough…your sister is a great person…my best.

    Thanks for your visit.

  2. I did that once, too … listened to bird tapes to memorize bird songs. If any birds flit through your dreams, post them here 🙂
    Oh, and I must say I agree about my sister 🙂 She’s awesome!

  3. Cosmic Calligrapher—what an amazing image.
    Hey,how about this—John can take pictures of birds, I can write funny names in a calligraphic script, and you can put it all in a poem collection of that title…

    Then what would you call the whole thing ?
    a dream come true!!!

  4. A dream come true, indeed! I love that idea 🙂

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