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Is it a Premonition if … An Argument with Myself, Dreaming

I’m in a classroom, looking out the little glass window in the closed door. I think to myself: “Two policemen are going to walk past right now.” And a moment later, they do.

“Wow,” I think, “that was a premonition.” But then I wonder, “Does it count as a premonition if it happens in a dream, because after all, I’m creating this dream.”

Then I wonder… “Or am I? Am I creating this dream? Or is this dream coming to me the way my life does?”

Well that was an interesting thought and it led to this thought: “Does it matter? In other words, if I am in fact creating my dream, thus making premonitions infinitely easier to make come true, isn’t it also the case that we may be creating our waking lives just as we are creating our dreams? That’s what Tibetan Dream Yoga says, isn’t it? In which case it would be no less interesting to have a premonition within a dream than it would be to have one in waking life … ”

I’d have kept up this argument with myself but I had to move on. Those cops were after me!

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