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Good Evening—Good Dreams (CV)

A good night of dreaming starts with a good night’s sleep. And a good night’s sleep starts with a good evening routine.

"The Bedroom" Van Gogh

Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to wind down toward dreamtime that help promote a sound sleep:

Z After dinner, have a cup of calming tea. Some of my favorites are Celestial Seasoning’s “Sleepy Time Vanilla,” Chamomile, and my all time favorite: Tulsi Tea–I prefer the Rose flavor, which is billed as being relaxing and magical … what better for dreamtime! But you can also go the more traditional route and get Tulsi for Sleep.

Z I love a late evening snack. Sleep-friendly after-dinner snacks include bananas, low-sugar cereals, milk or kefir (I prefer kefir!), or a turkey sandwich (yup, it’s true, turkey makes you sleepy).

Z We all know we’re supposed to stick to a regular sleep and wake schedule to promote good sleep hygeiene. I don’t know about you, but I find this difficult to accomplish. But here’s a tip that helps me on the nights that I resist getting to bed on time: Don’t hit the snooze button the next morning. That’s just making a bad situation worse. Rather than sleep in, take a 20-30 minute nap in  the afternoon to make up for the sleep you missed. This will help you get caught up without compromising your sleep schedule too much.

Z You suspect it and studies prove it: Being on the computer, the smart phone, iPad, etc. in the evening hours are all compromising your sleep. Even watching TV is bad for sleep. But face it, even though we know the light from our e-readers and other screens is interfering with our sleep, we can’t give them up altogether. So, consider these modifications: If you use an e-reader, don’t use back light feature. For other screens, look into getting a blue light filter, as it’s the blue light that’s been linked to sleep interference. Here is a link to a site that offers other tips and apps to help make your screens more sleep friendly.

Z Meditate in the evening. You can even meditate in bed if you wake in the middle of the night. Not only does meditation relax you, it increases your chances of having lucid dreams.

Z Wind down with a few yoga stretches. Legs up the wall pose, plow pose, and easy forward bend are a few good choices. Here’s a link that gives more information on helpful yoga poses for enhancing sleep.


Do you have a favorite relaxing tea, ritual, or routine? Share, please! After all, we could all use a better night’s sleep!

Boston Moonlight


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Awake from Dreams with Runa Tea

IMG_2798In my ongoing search for pure elderberry juice, I stepped into a health food store with my mom. We didn’t find the juice I was looking for, but instead we were greeted by a young man offering samples of a tea beverage he was serving up in small paper cups.

My mother and I agreed to try a sip of Runa iced tea, which the young man explained was packed with antioxidants, more even than in green tea.

The magic ingredient he said was guayusa a super-leaf harvested from the Amazon. I liked the sound of that and I drank up.

I asked him to tell me more about what super-healing properties the guayusa leaf possessed. Well, he said, the people of the Amazon drink it to help them wake and focus their energy to transition from dreams to the world of waking life.

Hearing the word dreams, my ears perked up. But I was equally interested in the part about waking up. I’m strictly an herbal tea drinker – no coffee, no caffeine — and often have trouble feeling alert and awake in the morning after a prolific night of dreaming.

So I bought a $3 box of Runa tea. I asked our salesman friend if I could snap a picture of the tea display for my blog. “I write about dreams,” I explained.

Well, now he was wide awake, alert, and attentive. “I love dreams,” he said. He was no longer just acting in the role of a saleseman with a customer on the line, but was jazzed up with the enthusiasm of meeting a kindred dream spirit.

“I have cinematic dreams, like movies,” he said. “I write them down and make stories out of them.”

We talked dreams for a bit, and then I bought my tea and went on my way.

Reading the package more closely I discovered Runa’s not-so-secret secret ingredient, as it turns out, is caffeine: “As much as one cup of coffee per serving,” the package boasts.

Hmmm. That was an underwhelming development. But still, the opportunity to make the acquaintance of an exuberant young dreamer, to learn a little lore about the Amazonian denizens’ use of a special tea to help them transition from dreams to waking, was worth the $3 price tag for a box of caffeinated tea.

One day, centuries from now, perhaps, an enthusiastic young dreamer will be peddling the ancient “Starbucks Brew,” once said to have helped drowsy denizens of Manhattan transition from the fog of dreams into the jittery pace of the urban jungle.

And some unsuspecting curiosity seeker will marvel at the magic of an extra tall latte, and the romance of a long ago tribe of dreamers inhabiting the long lost isle of Manhattan, and pay the asking price to sample the exotic brew.



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Tea and Synchronicity

“Overvalued reason has this in common with political absolutism: under its dominion the individual is pauperized.” –Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, p. 302.

High Tea, 3.31.12


Today’s tea is Japanese green tea. I’m drinking it from one of the little blue and white polka dot cups I received as a gift on my first visit to Japan with my sister and her then fiancé, who is Japanese. The warm grassy scent of the tea reminds me of that first visit to Yoshi’s family’s home on a small fishing island on the Inland Sea.

Preparing for this afternoon’s tea break, I put my lemon cookies and Dove chocolate on the blue and white dishes painted with images of Mount Fuji, which my sister, who by then had moved to Japan, gave me as a gift some years back.

Thinking of my sister I decide to decorate the table with the Lakshmi postcard she sent me, from Japan, this winter for my birthday. Coincidentally, This morning in my yoga class the teacher introduced the theme of giving and receiving abundance, pointing to a tapestry of Lakshmi as a visual aid.

In this case, I created a sense of synchronicity*. I consciously set up the echoing symbolism of Japanese tea, memories, and the Hindu goddess that my yoga teacher mentioned, and my sister had sent me an image of.

But lately, the synchronicities have been finding me. My dreams for example, have been dropping funny coincidences into my lap, at least once a day for the past week or so.

For example, last night I dreamed of a former colleague, whose name, I just realized, is the same as my sister’s. I ran into her this morning at the pricy health food grocery store, where I rarely shop. I’d just gone in to buy a bottle of vitamins, but accidentally turned down the diaper aisle instead. Since my “baby” is fully grown, I had no real business in that aisle. Except that that’s where I ran right into J., who was shopping with her adorable toddler.

“I was just thinking of you!” J., exclaimed when our grocery carts nearly collided.

“Of course you were,” I said, because these days that’s just how things have been going. Mind you, I can’t recall ever having dreamed of J. before, we haven’t been in touch in well over a year, and have maybe run into each other one other time in the 3 or 4 years since she stopped working in the same school where I still teach.

I won’t even mention the next coincidence today, when I jotted down the name of an acquaintance, one who has never before called me, but who … within three minutes of my writing her name on a Post-it because I wanted to invite her and a mutual friend to tea … called me. We haven’t communicated with one another since Thanksgiving, and I don’t believe she’s ever phoned me before. Hmmm.

Still, I’m skeptical of such things as synchronicty, precognition and other extraordinary phenomena. But because I experience these things, perhaps too often to consider co-incidental, I have to take pause and consider.

I take comfort in the fact that Carl Jung, who was trained as a scientist, believed whole-heartedly in sychronicity.

In Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung writes, “The unconscious helps by communicating things to us, or making figurative allusions. It has other ways, too, of informing us of things which by all logic we could not possibly know. Consider synchronistic phenomena, premonitions, and dreams that come true.” (p. 302)

How I would love to sit down to tea with Dr. Jung and talk all of this over.

“The collective unconscious is common to all; it is the foundation of what the ancients called the ‘sympathy of all things.’ ” –Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, p. 138.


*synchronicity |ˌsi ng krəˈnisitē| noun 1 the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection : such synchronicity is quite staggering. ORIGIN 1950s: coined by C. G. Jung.

What role do synchronicities have in your life?

Is your life made richer by them?

What’s your favorite tea?


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The Fool’s Dream: Of Tarot & Tea

The Fool’s Dream

The Fool: The tarot card I drew (then later drew) before going to sleep last night.

The Fool dreams of robin’s egg blue

innocence & little-girl-

pink. The egg’s perfection

before the hatch.

The Fool dreams of Aleph,

A and the # just before 1. The fool dreams of Welcome

SunshineLove & Doves.

A deer adrift on a cloud

of gardenia-scented possibility.

Sweet anticipation in a glass

of honey mint tea …

The breath before

You & Me.

© Tzivia Gover, 2012

Tzivia's Fool Tarot Creation: My Fool card depicts the egg of possibility. It incorporates images from my day--the blue and silver foil wrapper from a Dove's chocolate candy, my # in line from my trip to the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and also representations of the spring flowers I noticed as I walked to my favorite Moroccan cafe for "High-Tea-Sabbath" and other Spring images, like the deer.

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Yogi Offers Wisdom for Dreamers (Winter Tea for CV)

Whitecliffs, Canterbury, New Zealand

Image via Wikipedia

Some people read tea-leaves to gain deep wisdom. That’s too esoteric for me. Instead, I just read the little tag on the tea bags I get from Yogi Teas.

This one offered some excellent advice for happy dreamers:

Morning Tea Nets Yogi Wisdom

“Don’t sleep counting sheep. Count your blessings, then sleep.”

(Here you can hear a little musical accompaniment to that thought … compliments of Bing Crosby!)

Wishing sweet slumbers to all!




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