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Encore: White Feather Finery


Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebrations

A Blog Post in (more than) 3-Installments

This post is the Final Installment (yes, I really do mean final this time) in a series about how dreams and dream imagery help guide me through waking life.

To read the 1st installment of “Wedding for One: Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebrations” in which our protagonist dreams of receiving a wedding proposal…but receives a business proposal to become Director of the Institute of Dream Studies instead …  click here.

For the 2nd Installment, in which the protagonist receives a sign – from a Spider – that she is on the right path, click here.

You can read the 3rd Installment, in which our protagonist’s “Wedding for One” dream turns into a date for one here.


Encore! White Feather Finery

After my mother’s death last spring, every time I saw a feathery seedpod float through the air (and somehow there were many more that season than I ever remember seeing before) I was certain that my mother’s spirit was close by.

I remembered this as I sat in my second-row seat at a concert recently. I was out on a solo date with myself, enjoying Jane Siberry’s music. And now she was delivering a lyric in which she said that every time she saw a feather drift by, she felt her beloved near her.

These words brought back to mind all of those floating feathery messengers from the spring when I lost my mother. Tears filled my eyes.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice how all of the themes of my recent dreams were coming together now, especially with this reminder of the feathers that marked the season of loss during which the recurring wedding dreams had begun.

And now, Siberry’s show was ending. She came to the piano  for her encore, and began her final song.

And wouldn’t you know it? She sang k.d. lang’s “Love is Everything.” Which, as it turns out, was one of the songs on the CD that I played again and as I sat at my mother’s bedside while she lay dying. What’s more, it is the song that I chose to include in the photo slide show I created after her death, as a memorial and a tribute to her life that was so filled with love and beauty.

As I like to say, dreams multi-task. As do synchronicities.

I’d had the sense back in June, when Justina proposed the directorship of the Institute for Dream Studies to me, that my mother had a hand in it—that from where she sat in Heaven she was helping guide me; that she was smiling at and through me, and that she wanted only for my best dreams to come true.

And so, the proposal has been made and accepted. And now it’s time for me to step into my commitment to my dreams, to my love of teaching, and the creative possibilities of helping others to make dreams come true.

It’s just what happens when a girl follows her dreams, and says, “I do.”


My mother, in her final year, contemplates the feathery finery of a common flower gone to seed.


Make your dreams come true. Consider embarking on a dream education program that might just change your life. Dream big, sign up to receive more information about exploring your dreams and pursuing a Certification in Dream Studies.

Click here for information about the Institute for Dream Studies.


Hear Jane Siberry singing “Love is Everything.” (Have a tissue handy.)


This is the final post in

“Wedding for One: Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebration”

A blog post in (more than) 3 Installments

But you never do know when it comes to dreams and synchronicities

… There may still be more to come …

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On a date for one

Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebrations

A Blog Post in 3-Installments

This post is the 3rd installment in a series about how dreams and dream imagery help guide me through waking life.

To read the 1st installment of “Wedding for One: Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebrations.” in which our protagonist dreams of receiving a wedding proposal…but receives a business proposal to become Director of the Institute of Dream Studies instead …  click here.

For the 2nd Installment, in which the protagonist receives a sign – from a Spider – that she is on the right path, click here.

And now, read on for the 3rd Installment, in which our protagonist’s “Wedding for One” dream turns into …

Part III: A Date for One

And so, I accepted Justina’s proposal that I take over the directorship of the Institute for Dream Studies.

Months had passed, and much work was involved in ironing out the details of our plan. Finally, as the year was drawing to a close, Justina and I were just about ready to finalize our business agreement and announce our new venture to the world. We agreed that on Jan. 1 I’d officially step into my new role as Director of the Institute for Dream Studies.

But then I remembered my “Wedding for One” dream, in which my wedding (sans groom) took place on Feb. 3. I also remembered that in Justina’s dream studies course, the one I had graduated from years earlier, she encouraged us to find a way to honor our dreams in our waking lives. So, I asked her if, in honor of my dream, we could make Feb. 3 the date that we would celebrate the start of our new venture. And of course, she agreed.

(Not) The End

That would have made a lovely ending to a sweet and meaningful story about how dreams and synchronicities can help us take the next step on our paths, and affirm and confirm the direction we’re taking … and so on. But there was more.

In late January I noticed that Jane Siberry, a performer whose music I’ve loved since my college days, would be giving a concert in my town. I wanted to get tickets quickly before they sold out. But when I asked my boyfriend if he’d like to be my date for the concert, he declined. Siberry’s off-beat music wasn’t to his taste, and besides, the concert was on a weeknight and he had to be at work early the next morning. “Would you mind if I passed on that one?” he asked. No problem, I’d invite a friend to join me instead, I said. But as it turned out, none of my friends could make it on such short notice either, so I decided to take myself out on a date—solo!

It wasn’t until I was seated in the second row of the concert hall that I made the connection: Here it was, Feb. 3, and not only was I celebrating the launch of my new business endeavor (the result of accepting a proposal from Justina), but also, I was on a “Date for One” … a satisfying echo of my “Wedding for One” dream.

I smiled to myself at the synchronicity.

And then, Jane Siberry took to the stage. She opened the concert by speaking the lyrics to one of her songs, in which she said, “Life is a precious ring you give to yourself.”

Excuse me? Did I hear that right? Now, to add to the “Wedding for One” theme I had the image of a bride giving herself a ring! I liked that. After all, my accepting the directorship of the Institute for Dream Studies was, in a sense, saying “I do” to my own dream; in this case it was my dream of making a commitment to my deep interest in exploring dreams, and helping others to connect to their dreams.

I smiled, aglow from the ways the synchronicities were unfolding, and aglow with the pure pleasure of Siberry’s music, and her message of self-love (there we go again), and self-expression. I had the happy feeling of being in the right place at the right time.

Which, once more, would have made for a lovely note on which to end this story. But, as it turns out …

…the synchronicities weren’t done with me yet. …


Encore! Encore!

Stay tuned for the final final installment of “Wedding for One: Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebration”

A blog post in (more than) 3 Installments

… yup, there’s still a bit more to come …

So now you know. As the new director of the Institute of Dream Studies I will be launching a dream education and certification program this fall. Stay tuned for details, or contact me to receive information as it becomes available.

Cheers and great gratitude to Justina Lasley, Founder of the Institute of Dream Studies! I am honored to have the opportunity to continue the dream.


Justina Lasley




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The (Dream)Webs We Weave

Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebrations

A Blog Post in 3-Installments

This blog post is the 2nd installment in a series about how dreams and dream imagery help guide me through waking life.

To read the 1st installment of“Wedding for One: Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebrations.” in which our protagonist dreams of receiving a wedding proposal…but receives a business proposal to become Director of the Institute of Dream Studies instead …  click here.

When a dream scenario or a dream image repeats, I pay attention. So when I dreamed first about a “Wedding for One,” and then “A Proposal,” I was on my toes.

But brides and weddings weren’t the only dream images that were recurring …

Part 2: Enter the Spider

As my friend Sherry and I drove home from the dream conference we talked over Justina’s proposal, that I take over the directorship of The Institute of Dream Studies. The Institute was Justina’s school, from which I had graduated in 2011. Now, Justina was ready to take her career in a new direction, and she’d asked me to consider taking up the leadership of the dream school.

Several hours into our drive, Sherry and I had considered numerous pros and cons of my possibly moving in this direction. I love to teach, I love dreams, and I had various ideas as to how I’d like to design a dream studies curriculum. By the time we pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant where we’d have dinner, Sherry suggested it was time we put the question aside for the moment. “We’ve used our left brains on this question enough,” she said. “Now see what your dreams have to say.”

As dreamers, we take seriously the directive to “Sleep on it” when making a big decision. In fact, six years earlier, when I first applied to take part in the Institute of Dream Studies’ Dream Certification course, Justina advised me to consult my dreams before making up my mind. I followed her suggestion, and the next morning I woke from a dream that featured a large spider.

For me, spiders, with their unique skills at web-building, represent creativity and interconnection, as well as the art of storytelling. In addition, spiderwebs remind me of dream catchers, those intricately woven Native American talismans that are said to ward off nightmares. So, I decided that my dream spider was an encouraging sign.

Dream Catcher

My Dream Catcher

Now, years later, here I was again, deciding whether to deepen my commitment to dreams, and to the Institute of Dream Studies, which Justina had founded. This time however, the question was a bit different. If I accepted this proposal, I would be making a commitment not only to my own dreams, but I’d be committing to train more people, including therapists, spiritual counselors, health care providers, and people who were simply fascinated by dreams, to become leaders in the field of dream studies. Then they in turn would encourage even more people to learn from and about their dreams–thus widening the web of dream teachers and dream experts.

And so it was that Sherry and I agreed to table our discussion about my decision for the time being. Sherry cut the engine and we were about to get out of the car and head into the restaurant, when we noticed something on the windshield.

I began to laugh. “What’s so funny?” Sherry asked.

I pointed to the large spider that was climbing up the windshield wiper blade. “Looks like I won’t need to go to sleep to get a dream to guide me,” I said.

It was Sherry, after all, who had taught me the art of synchronicity. Ever since I’ve known her, Sherry has been instructing me (primarily by example) as to how synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences, increase as we pay attention to messages from our dreams. Not only that, I learned from her that we can deepen our understanding of life events and gain valuable information to help us make decisions when we take careful note of recurring themes in our dreams and synchronicities–which I’ve come to think of as waking dreams.

The spider, appearing in this moment, was just such a synchronicity. It was as if the Universe were winking at me—offering a sweet, sly smile to remind me that I was on the right path.

The task now was to keep paying attention. The goal here was not necessarily to expect a yes or no answer based on signs and symbols (our subconscious doesn’t function as a binary system), but instead to stay conscious as I took one step at a time, noticing the pattern that was being woven all around me—from the stuff of dreams.


Ahh…but that spider was hardly the end of the story. Stay tuned for the next installment of “Wedding for One: Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebrations.”


Spoiler alert: If you want to know whether or not I accepted Justina’s proposal, click here. Otherwise, enjoy the suspense until the next post in this series.


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Wedding for One

Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebrations

A Blog Post in 3-Installments


Sometime last year I dreamed that I was getting married. This interested me for several reasons. For starters, dreams of weddings can mean many things. Weddings might symbolize the union of two parts of ourselves, union with the divine, or of course … a wedding dream could mean someone is getting ready to propose. Then there’s the simple fact that as an unmarried woman, I couldn’t help but pay attention to a dream that I was tying the knot.

And then there was this: The dream wedding not only showed me getting married, it provided a date for the wedding: February 3. More interesting still, there was no groom.

Intrigued, I recorded the dream in my journal and titled it: “Wedding for One.”

Some months later, I was attending a dream conference. It happened to be June, the prime season for weddings–but since I had just lost my mother, it was funerals, not weddings that were on my mind.

Nonetheless, I woke one morning in my hotel bed from another wedding-related dream. In this one, I received a marriage proposal. I told the dream to Sherry, my friend and conference roommate.

Later that day I ran into my dream teacher, Justina Lasley, who is the founder and director of the Institute for Dream Studies (IDS). I had first met Justina years earlier when I enrolled in her dream certification program, from which I graduated in 2011. Now, Justina took me aside and told me there was something she’d like to discuss with. She was ready to make some big changes in her life, she told me, and she asked if I would consider taking on the directorship of her Institute.

I was surprised, flattered, and very interested. But I told Justina that I would need to think it over, as this would be a big decision.

It wasn’t until that evening, when Sherry and I met at the end of the day for dinner in the hotel restaurant, that I had time to think about the matter further. When I told her what Justina had offered, Sherry exclaimed, “Wow! What an exciting business proposal.”

A proposal! I hadn’t realized until that moment that my dream had come true. Sure, it wasn’t a marriage proposal, but it was an invitation to a new beginning, nonetheless. The fact that this proposal came so soon after I had faced a heart-wrenching ending–my mother’s death–made it feel like a special gift.

As usual, I marveled at the way dreams come true—often in unexpected ways. But this particular dream wasn’t done with me yet.

…to be continued…


This blog post is the first in a series about what happens when we follow dreams and synchronicities…

…Stay tuned for the next installment of “Wedding for One: Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebrations.”


Spoiler alert:

If you want to know whether or not I accepted Justina’s proposal, click here. Otherwise, enjoy the suspense until the next post in this series is published.


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Dream Journal as Magic Tracker

Another reason to write down your dreams

It happens to me in big and small ways: I dream about an acquaintance I haven’t thought of, let alone seen, in months or years, and the next day I bump into him at the grocery store. Or, I dream I see a little girl carrying a metal bowl shaped like a kidney bean, and then next day I see a child of the same age balancing just such a bowl in her hands. Sometimes it’s a dream of a place I’ve never seen, but then stumble upon, or of a stranger who tells me something, that days or weeks later I hear someone else tell me in waking life.

This isn’t as “out there” as it may at first seem. As someone who works with dreams professionally, I find myself talking about dreams with people from all walks of life, including accountants, engineers, carpenters, doctors, and more—and even those who say they don’t believe in things they can’t put their hands on will often admit that there was this one time that they had such an inexplicable experience. It’s probably happened to you, too: Something from a dream pops up in waking life, and you feel a little jolt of recognition.

So, why not be prepared? Keeping a dream journal is one way to track the magic in your dreams.

Exhibit A: The Dream Report

The written dream report helps us document extraordinary dream events such as precognition (knowing something before it happens), synchronicity, and mutual dream experiences with others (two or more people have the same dream or dream elements on the same night), by providing a dated, and written record of what we dream.

So, go ahead and write those dreams down. And when you do, follow these guidelines:

  • Always write the date at the top of the page.
  • Give your dreams a title, and make a sketch or drawing when words just won’t do. Titles and sketches also help you locate dreams more easily when you’re trying to find the one that proves your point.
  • Keeping your dream journal electronically (on your laptop or tablet, etc.) has pluses and minuses. But when it comes to finding a particular dream, the search capabilities can’t be beat.
  • When you do have an instance of precognition, clairvoyance, or any extraordinary dream experience, mark it in your dream journal. I make notations in the margin, or you can keep a running index at the back of the journal noting the date, dream title, and nature of the event.
  • And most of all, have fun doing it. There may well be ordinary explanations for what we dreamers call extraordinary, from selective perception to the law of chance. But either way, being on the lookout for patterns, meaning, and magic, tends to lead to a life filled with beautiful patterns, meaning, and magic—so why not!


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Manifesting Nuggets: Games Dreamers Play

from the department of waking dreams …

I tried to plan for this moment. It was past suppertime, and I was driving through the dark on I95 North after an emotional visit to family in New York City. I was 5 days into a sugar cleanse in an effort to break my addiction to sweets and white-flour laden treats. But the high-protein snacks I’d brought with me were running low, and I knew I wouldn’t make it home … still a hundred or more miles away, on a handful of pistachio nuts and a couple of dried figs.

But what could I buy at a roadside service plaza that would be healthful? I knew the fare well enough: McDonald’s French fries, Dunkin’ Donuts, greasy pizza, sugary shakes. I could buy a packet of sunflower seeds and probably a green or too-brown banana in the convenience store I’d find at a rest stop, but I wanted a real meal. I wished that a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods Market would appear by the side of the highway, but I travelled this route regularly and I knew better.

Then I remembered back to June when my friend Sherry and I had driven together to and from Virginia Beach for our annual dream conference.  When Sherry, a powerful dreamer and synchronicity queen, wanted to find good food along the way she’d announce, “Let’s manifest a healthy meal and see what happens!” Inevitably we’d stumble upon some unlikely restaurant selling baked-not-fried organic fare.

I smiled at the memory, but while manifesting organic food in the middle of nowhere might work for Sherry, I doubted it would work for me. Nonetheless, stomach growling, I decided to try.

I said a silent prayer that I’d find a nice white-flour- and white-sugar-free, healthy, high protein dinner. Within a mile or two I saw a turn off for a service plaza and pulled in. I parked my car, hopeful but prepared to have to compromise on the healthiest thing I could find at McDonalds, and went inside.

As soon as I pushed open the door a tall, attractive man holding a tray of free samples greeted me. I attempted to walk past on my way to the restroom.

“Ma’am, would you like to try some organic baked chicken tenders?” the man asked, stepping directly in front of me and practically pushing his tray in my face.

“Organic?” I asked.

The man nodded. “Baked not fried,” he said cheerfully, as I picked up a little paper cup containing a chicken nugget and tried one.

“Not bad,” I said, and thanked him.

He pointed out the stall where I could purchase some for my dinner.

As I proceeded to the restroom I shook my head and smiled to myself. Awake or dreaming? I asked myself playfully. For a moment I thought I must have dreamed the man, because when I exited the restroom there was no sign of him anywhere.

Luckily though, the counter where I could purchase an order of baked, not fried, organic chicken tenders was right there, plain as day, past the pizza place, McDonalds, and Shake Shack.

I bought my dinner and brought it into my car, where I called Sherry to tell her about my successful attempt at manifesting my healthy dinner.

Sherry cheered me on and reminded me of another game we’d played on our road trip. “Now turn on the radio and the first song you hear will have a message for you.”

I hung up the phone and turned on the radio. I was out of range of my pre-set stations, so the first song I heard was accompanied by a burst of static. I could make out the word Dream, however, and was intrigued. I fiddled with the dial to try to get the station in more clearly, and when I did I could hear a man’s deep baritone singing, “You have the power to manifest …” then something about dreams.

“Okay,” Sherry said, when I called her later, “are you convinced yet that it’s not just me, that you can manifest things, too?”

Well, I conjured up some mean chicken tenders and an inspiring song, anyway. Sure, why not, I’ll try for more!


What have you manifested in your life through the power of prayer, dreams, or visualization?


Paying attention to dreams is one way to attract synchronicity and a spirit of playful and productive magic into your life. Visit me at ThirdHouseMoon to learn more about the power of your dreams.


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Lunchtime on the 11th (CV)


11:15 is lunchtime in the school where I work, so students and staff tend to have their eye on the clock as that hour approaches.

But that only partially explains why once or twice a day when I check the time these days I see that it’s 11:11. (Not 11:10 or 11:12, mind you … 11:11!)

When I get onto an 11:11 roll, I take note.


I started noticing 11s a long time ago. My first email address in the early ’90s was Tz11, because even then I had begun to notice that 11 played a special role in my life.

For one, all through my twenties my addresses contained the number 11. Then, after a long spate of living at number 11 on various streets and avenues, I moved to a house with a rambling rural route address, and no matter how I added the numbers, there was no 11. I began to fear that maybe this move was unlucky. But within weeks of moving in, I received a notice from the US Postal Service that they were changing the addresses in our tiny town. From now on, my house, which was located on a dirt road with only three other residences, would be number 74. Where did they come up with 74, I wondered. There weren’t anywhere close to that many houses within miles of my little cottage. But 74 it was, and I quickly realized that 7+4=11. Ahhh! Now, I felt that I was at home.

When I moved into my current address, I thought my lucky 11 streak had ended for sure. My house number added up to 9. No 11s whatsoever, no matter how I crunched the numbers. Until that is, I realized that my street name ended in a double “L”. In lower case, double l (ll) looks an awful lot like 11. I’ll take it. I settled in and made myself at home.


So what is it with 11s anyway? People who believe in numerology say that the number 11 is important because it is made up of two ones, and one is the number of unity, birth, and beginnings. Two ones make 11 a Master Power Number. And double 11? It just keeps getting better … Some say when you start to notice 11:11s:

  • Your life is about to change
  • You are entering a time of synchronicity
  • It is a wakeup call from Earth’s Angels.

Or perhaps, all of the above.

When I’m on an 11:11 roll I start looking for synchronicities. As the German philosopher Schoepenhauer said, coincidence is evidence of the “pre-established harmony” of the universe. Jung said synchronicity showed that all things are connected.

I’m open to all of the above.

And if nothing else, 11:11 remains special to me because it means lunchtime is almost here.


SPEAKING OF 11s: September 11, 2001 gave new meaning to the number 11. Today I invite you to pause and reflect on the significance this day holds for you and for our world. Let it be a day where we think of 11 new reasons and 11 new ways to make peace in our souls, in our lives, and in our world.


SPEAKING OF SYNCHRONICITY: Dreamwork is an easy way to invite synchronicity into your life. When you pay attention to your dreams at night, you will begin to notice more Coincidences, Synchronicities, and Serendipity in your days.


SPEAKING OF DREAMS: If you’d like to learn more about your dreams, schedule an appointment for dreamwork, purchase a dream journal, or buy a dreamwork gift certificate, visit me at Third House Moon.


Corner View is a weekly appointment each Wednesday, where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme. This week’s theme is lunch. Start here to visit more Corner View blogs.


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How Dreams Led Me Home (CV)


Some people consult a Realtor to find the perfect apartment.

I consult my dreams.

Just over three years ago, I sold my house with the intention of moving out of the quiet New England valley where I’ve been living since college, and buy a condo in another city some 90 miles away.

But my dreams would have none of it. One by one, a parade of dreams led my slowly and surely to the address I now call home.

First, in a series of dreams, people pointed out all the things I’d miss if I moved far away.

That seemed natural–after all, I’d lived in this area for 30 years. I noted the dreams and kept making plans to buy a condo, pack my belongings, and find new work in a new city.

Even as I made my deposit on sweet little place in Cambridge, and even as I scheduled a home inspection and looked into moving companies, my dreams protested.

Then I had a dream that I was riding bicycles with a friend toward my yoga studio, which happens to be called “Mama Nirvana’s.” In that dream, as I pedaled through a  neighborhood in a nearby town  just a short drive from where I had been living, a voice in the dream said, “You’d be happy here.”

In another dream, a character advised, “Temporary is good,” seeming to confirm the idea of renting rather than buying.

I finally put the brakes on my plans to buy the condo, not only because of the dreams, but also because wake life opportunities started popping up that confirmed my dreams’ insistence that staying close by would be the best thing for me at that time.

And so I did. As I began scouring Craig’s List for a place to rent, I dreamed I was looking at an apartment and someone was telling me they were glad to see the old tenants leave, because while they were good people, they made too much noise with their music.


Awake, I must have looked at a half dozen apartments, by the time I answered an ad for a two-bedroom located in the neighborhood I’d been bicycling through in my “Mama Nirvana” dream.

The landlady, it turns out, was an old acquaintance of mine. As she showed me the available apartment she explained, “I love the tenant who’s moving out, but he’s a musician and he practices late into the night, so it would be nice to have a  quiet writer like you move in,” she said smiling.


It was as if the wake-life landlady were reading the script from my recent dream. Now I was really paying attention.

Just then, I looked out the kitchen window and saw “my” car in the driveway. But it couldn’t be my car. I’d parked downtown and walked to the apartment. Turns the tenant who would be moving out at the end of the month drove a car that was the exact same make, model, and color of my own. This was starting to feel like more than just a coincidence.

“So,” the landlady asked, “are you interested?”

“I am,” I said.


And that is how I found my dream home — with a little help from my dreams.


If you’d like to learn how to use your dreams to help you find a home … or to help you gain insight, guidance, and clarity into emotional issues, creative blocks, problems, or questions, contact me and set up an appointment for a dream consultation. Or visit me at Third House Moon.


Corner View is a weekly appointment – each Wednesday, where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme. Start here to visit more Corner View blogs about Home.

A moving truck operated by Piedmont Moving Sys...

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What’s That You Say, Mrs. Robinson? (File under S for Synchronicity)

The other day I woke from a dream in which “Mrs. Robinson” played a prominent role.

The Graduate Original Soundtrack album cover.

The Graduate Original Soundtrack album cover. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That afternoon I went to the Library for my regular fix of books and audiobooks.

And what did I find sitting on top of one of the shelves, as if someone had left it there just for me?

Yup! You guessed it:

“The Graduate.” The audiobook version. (Who even knew such a version existed?)

Coincidence? Synchronicity? Selective perception?

You tell me.

Coo Coo Ca Choo

To learn more about dreams and what *yours* mean, visit Third House Moon and book a dream consultation.


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Made in China: Synchronicities, too

Hamsa mano usada en la religion musulmana y judia

Hamsa mano usada en la religion musulmana y judia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other night I dreamed:

I see myself in my mirror wearing a red tunic edged with gold stitching. From my neck hangs an elaborate necklace with hamsas hanging from it: There’s one large hamsa at my heart center, then a smaller one hanging from that one. More hamsas come down the sides of the necklace. I look at myself in wonder.

When I woke, I reached over to my bedside table where I keep a variety of lovely objects, including a large metal hamsa and a tiny silver one on a red silk bracelet cord. Except the clasp on the bracelet broke long ago, so I keep it by my bedside and not on my wrist.

When I dressed, I put the hamsas in my pocket and rushed off to teach then to meet my friend, DNMNK in Cambridge for our Passover festivities.

We had an hour or so before we needed to start preparing our salad and dessert for the community seder we’d been invited to, so I convinced him to come with me on a little shopping trip.

As we walked along the Charles River, I pulled the hamsas from my pocket and told DNMNK my dream. He asked me what I thought the dream meant. “I have no idea,” I said. The red tunic, he said, reminded him of a Chinese garment. “Red in China means luck,” he added.

That’s funny, I said, remembering that before bed that night I’d spoken to a friend who I’d first met years ago at workshop about intuition. At that workshop, we played a game of turning to a stranger (which she was at the time) and saying what animal they remind us of. My new friend said I remind her of a panda. I hadn’t recalled that incident until she reminded me on the phone just before I dreamed of the red tunic. “Where do pandas live, Japan?” I asked her on the phone. “They’re usually associated with China,” she said.

“Maybe,” I told DNMNK, “that’s why I dreamed of a Chinese-style red tunic.”

We turned to go into Harvard Square to find a cord on which to hang my large gold Hamsa. We stepped into a charming store where I showed the saleswoman my charm and asked her if she had a cord she could sell me. She snipped a length of red cord from a skein and handed it to me. She asked me about the hamsa and I told her my dream.

“No charge,” she said, “now that I know that story.” I thanked her, and told her I hoped the hamsa, which is a symbol of luck and protection, would bring some luck her way.

At the next store, a bead shop, I asked the saleswoman if she had a clasp for my red cord. While we were at it, I asked if she could fix the clasp on my hamsa bracelet. I walked out of that store newly adorned with my two hamsas, one around my neck, the other on my left wrist.

I joked to DNMNK that now we had to shop for a red tunic with gold trim. He reminded me of the time and we went home, prepared for the seder, and went on our way: me wearing my hamsas with a black print dress and my red Chinese earrings (which I’d put on that morning before I even thought about the connection between my dream tunic and China).

When we arrived at the seder we met DNMNK’s friend A, an elegant woman who was wearing … a red tunic with gold trim. It looked almost exactly like the one in my dream. I admired her shirt and she told me she had no idea why she’d put it on that evening. She almost never wears it, she said, and it wasn’t what she’d planned to put on, but at the last minute …

I enjoyed the coincidence and had a lovely time at the seder. I went home tired and sated.

When I woke the next morning I stretched my arms and yawned. But something caught my eye. On my left forearm I saw a little white sticker with print on it. It hadn’t been there when I went to sleep I was certain. Without my glasses I couldn’t read the words so I held my arm out to DNMNK to read for me:

“Made in China,” he said aloud.

We laughed over the strange appearance of the sticker after all our talk the previous afternoon and evening about China. Neither of us could fathom where the sticker might have come from.

Either way, I marveled at the string of synchronicities, made, I suppose, in China!

(Now, if only I could go to sleep tonight, and wake wearing that beautiful red and gold tunic!)


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