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For a Good Night’s Sleep … Be Good to Your Feet (CV)

To get a good harvest of dreams … you must first get some sleep.

Pampering your feet can help.



Try giving your feet, ankles, and calves a gentle massage just before bed.

IMG_2479Use moisturizer or massage oil to really soothe your soles (and your soul).

Then put on a pair of comfy socks, and cuddle up for a good night of zzz’s

And if you’re lucky, you’ll have a good night of dreams, too!


Why does a foot massage help you sleep better?

Grounding your energy in your feet at night helps to ensure that you’ll drop your attention downward and away from your mind, where busy, troublesome, or nagging thoughts can keep you awake.


For more information on sleep and dreaming, or for a dream consultation, contact me at www.thirdhousemoon.com.


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