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A Red Book of One’s Own/Start a Tradition (CV)

Red Book (Jung)

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“Then when these things are in some precious book you can go to the book and turn over the pages and for you it will be your church – your cathedral – the silent places of your spirit where you will find renewal. … that book is your soul.”

Carl Jung, as quoted in The Red Book p. 216

It is my tradition each December to reflect on the previous 12 months. Usually, in the last days of the month I make a list of 100 wonderful things about the year that just passed.

2009 was a particularly interesting year for me; there were so many endings and new beginnings I could hardly keep up. I felt it was a year deserving of something special. It was also the year that Jung’s “Red Book” was published.

In the “Red Book,” the result of 16 years of work, Jung illustrates and interacts with images from his subconscious that came to him in the form of dreams and visions.

Inspired by the “Red Book” I began what might become a new tradition for me. I created my own book. Mine is an album of drawings, collage and writing that reflects my strongest dream images from 2009, along with mementos from the waking events of that year.

Tzivia's Red Book 2009

The book begins with my New Year’s Dream (another tradition is to incubate and record my first dreams of the year) in which I gather a bouquet of feathers in my hand … and ends with a dream in which my late grandmother advises me to “be still.”

A page from my Red Book

I hope you will consider making a Red Book of your own inner journey for 2010! Perhaps this will become a new tradition that will make your New Years celebrations richer in the years to come!

Dreams and mementos from May 09



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The Red Book

Jung’s Red Book, on sale at last!

I search for the copy I will purchase;

Reject one whose pages fold up at the corners,

And another on whose pages the ink became tired and slept,

Stopping mid-sentence so Dr. Jung has had to pen the missing words by hand.

The copy I purchase — 60 percent off! Such a bargain! —

Has a leather cover that holds, pocketed within itself,

A leather holster. No gun.

Dr. Freud: What do you make of that?

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