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Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science Confirm The Healing Power of Dreams

“An unremembered dream is like an unopened letter from God.”

The average person dreams from four to seven times every night. That means that by the age of 80, they will have had between 116,800 and 204,400 dreams. However, most people are confused and mystified by their dreams, and as a result they largely ignore them. When asked why they don’t pay attention to their dreams, many say dreams are too complicated to understand, or that most of their dreams are nonsensical at best and disturbing at worst.

But while dreams may have fallen out of favor in modern Western cultures, people around the world have long known that dreams can help them in down-to-earth, practical matters. In fact, an ancient quote posits that, “An unremembered dream is like an unopened letter from God.”

This traditional wisdom, is now backed by scientific research. Dreams have been shown to help with everything from emotional regulation to increased creativity. And studies show that working with dreams in a therapeutic environment can help people gain insight into problems and issues as well as heal from the loss of a loved one, or recurring nightmares caused by trauma.

In addition, dreamwork promotes concrete, positive changes based on deep understanding of the dream. People from all walks of life, from artists to scientists, have credited dreams with major inspirations and breakthroughs. And everyday people regularly receive guidance about physical health, interpersonal relationships, professional problems, and more through working with their dreams.

As a Certified Dream Therapist and as an individual who has benefited greatly from my dreams for years, I am passionate about helping others learn to listen to and understand their dreams. Toward that end, I am offering discounted dreamwork sessions (in person, by phone or Skype) all summer long, as well as a new ongoing “Listening to Dreams” workshop series that begins on Aug. 20th. For information on individual dreamwork consultations or workshops, please visit me at CLINIC Alternative Medicines or view my web site http://www.thirdhousemoon.com.


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The 3 p.m. Flight to Italy: A Conversation in Dreams (CV: Europe)

"Sunflowers" by Vincent Van Gogh

“Sunflowers” by Vincent Van Gogh

I’m waiting for a flight to Italy. My mother is seeing me off.

The summer between her sophomore and junior years of college, my mother planned to take a trip to Europe with a high school girlfriend. But a handsome young man in Navy whites asked her to marry and she said yes.

Growing up I heard that story again and again: How my mother was planning to go to Europe the summer she married my father instead. That’s why she’d never been to Europe. That’s why she hadn’t finished college.

 I’m waiting for a 3 p.m. flight to Italy. My mother has packed my bags for me. “Do I have underwear in there?” I ask, patting my large green suitcase. “Of course you do,” she answers.

My mother would have loved that trip to Europe. She’d have visited the Louvre. She’d have sat in cafes, spent hours in bookstores, and strolled the banks of the Seine.

Just minutes before my flight, I tell my mother there’s a problem; I might not be able to go. She cries out: “No, no! You must go!”

When I was 12, my mother returned to college. Around the same time she and my father divorced.

The spring of my sister’s junior year abroad in Paris, my mother and I boarded a plane (I was 16, she 44) and we each took our first trip to Europe. Together.

I unzip the bags my mother has packed for me and find an entire backpack filled with potato chips. No guidebooks.

The year I graduated from college, my mother received her PhD. She never remarried. When she was in her 60s, she left her job in museum education and began to take yearly trips to Europe.

In dream after dream I miss my 3 p.m. flight to Italy.

My mother has dementia now. She still lives alone—except for her personal care attendants. She is surrounded with beauty: books of poetry given to her by past boyfriends, coffee table art books, and paintings of sunflowers that remind her of the fields of flowers in Italy. Almost always, there is a vase filled with fresh sunflowers on her dining room table.

Sunflower faces

It’s 2 p.m. and we haven’t yet left the apartment. “We’ll miss the plane!” I exclaim. “We’ll make it,” my mother replies calmly. “But it’s an hour’s drive to the airport …” My mother is unperturbed. “We’ll see,” she says.

Recently, I received an email an old friend of my mother’s. She wrote:

Your mother and I were supposed to go to Europe together that summer … but the engagement led your mom to cancel, and I accepted a friend of hers as my traveling companion. We sailed on the French Line’s Liberte, which was quite a treat …

Suddenly our family’s private myth became a real story, with a real woman whose plans were disrupted by my mother’s engagement. Someone else took my mother’s place on the boat, and saw the sights she would have seen.

The dreams came the night I received this email.

Of all the places she visited, Italy was her favorite.

That’s one country I’ve never yet seen.

© 2013 Tzivia Gover

Mom and me.

Mom and me

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A Dream Journal for Morning, Noon, & Night (CV)

No, a dream journal is not just for recording what happens at night.


What we dream asleep—and what we experience during the day—are intimately connected.

That’s why the Third House Moon Dream Journal is really a journal for morning, noon, and night.


This journal has pages marked with Suns and Moons, so you can track daytime activities (just circle the sun at the top of the page when writing about your day) and your nighttime dreams (circle the moon at the top of the page when writing down your dreams).



The journal also includes facts about dreaming, tips for recalling, recording, and understanding dreams, an index for logging recurring dream symbols, dream themes, and experiences with extraordinary dreams (lucid, precognitive, etc.) as well.


You may just find that when you begin to pay attention to your dreams and how they interact with your waking life, the whole experience becomes that much sweeter … morning, noon, and night!


To order the Third House Moon Dream Journal ($10) send me a message with your request and your postal address. I’ll respond with information on where to send your check, and the total amount including shipping.

Sweet dreams!



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Wave Watching at People’s Beach: variation on a recurring dream

I’m watching waves

break high on the sand

break against the asphalt of the parking lot.

When we were kids the waves 

were contained. 

Weren’t tsunami-tall and wild like this.

But it doesn’t scare me anymore.

“This is the new normal,” I say

sizing up the outsized wave.



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