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At the Edge of the Ordinary: A Labyrinth Awaits

I’ve driven past it countless times.

The sign says "Blue Note Guitar." But tucked behind the music studio lies something more.

But never knew what lurked behind

I parked my car and followed the cement path ...

The ordinary facade

... and crossed a metal-door bridge over a skinny creek ...

A winding path

That leads inside

To the heart of mystery.

…& took my first steps on a new path …

... alas! A labyrinth!


A local labyrinth…

Yes, as part of my virtual retreat with Awake-N-Dream & Dreaming Global Illumination I went in search of a local labyrinth. I used the labyrinth locator and was surprised to find that about a mile from my house, just behind an ordinary looking shopping plaza, which is home to Blue Guitar music and dance studio … well, there it was! A lovely labyrinth.

After I walked the labyrinth, I went home & found a rainbow stretching over the trees just beyond my house.

If this were a dream …

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