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Encore: White Feather Finery


Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebrations

A Blog Post in (more than) 3-Installments

This post is the Final Installment (yes, I really do mean final this time) in a series about how dreams and dream imagery help guide me through waking life.

To read the 1st installment of “Wedding for One: Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebrations” in which our protagonist dreams of receiving a wedding proposal…but receives a business proposal to become Director of the Institute of Dream Studies instead …  click here.

For the 2nd Installment, in which the protagonist receives a sign – from a Spider – that she is on the right path, click here.

You can read the 3rd Installment, in which our protagonist’s “Wedding for One” dream turns into a date for one here.


Encore! White Feather Finery

After my mother’s death last spring, every time I saw a feathery seedpod float through the air (and somehow there were many more that season than I ever remember seeing before) I was certain that my mother’s spirit was close by.

I remembered this as I sat in my second-row seat at a concert recently. I was out on a solo date with myself, enjoying Jane Siberry’s music. And now she was delivering a lyric in which she said that every time she saw a feather drift by, she felt her beloved near her.

These words brought back to mind all of those floating feathery messengers from the spring when I lost my mother. Tears filled my eyes.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice how all of the themes of my recent dreams were coming together now, especially with this reminder of the feathers that marked the season of loss during which the recurring wedding dreams had begun.

And now, Siberry’s show was ending. She came to the piano  for her encore, and began her final song.

And wouldn’t you know it? She sang k.d. lang’s “Love is Everything.” Which, as it turns out, was one of the songs on the CD that I played again and as I sat at my mother’s bedside while she lay dying. What’s more, it is the song that I chose to include in the photo slide show I created after her death, as a memorial and a tribute to her life that was so filled with love and beauty.

As I like to say, dreams multi-task. As do synchronicities.

I’d had the sense back in June, when Justina proposed the directorship of the Institute for Dream Studies to me, that my mother had a hand in it—that from where she sat in Heaven she was helping guide me; that she was smiling at and through me, and that she wanted only for my best dreams to come true.

And so, the proposal has been made and accepted. And now it’s time for me to step into my commitment to my dreams, to my love of teaching, and the creative possibilities of helping others to make dreams come true.

It’s just what happens when a girl follows her dreams, and says, “I do.”


My mother, in her final year, contemplates the feathery finery of a common flower gone to seed.


Make your dreams come true. Consider embarking on a dream education program that might just change your life. Dream big, sign up to receive more information about exploring your dreams and pursuing a Certification in Dream Studies.

Click here for information about the Institute for Dream Studies.


Hear Jane Siberry singing “Love is Everything.” (Have a tissue handy.)


This is the final post in

“Wedding for One: Dreams, Synchronicities, and Celebration”

A blog post in (more than) 3 Installments

But you never do know when it comes to dreams and synchronicities

… There may still be more to come …

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“Nothing Matters”-The Voice of the Dream

Mom & I up late one night chatting about everything!

One night, during a recent visit with my mother, who is suffering from age-related memory loss, I went to sleep feeling sad, small, angry and frightened over what is happening to her. This is the woman I have known all my life as a smart, cultured, loving and generous being. And now she has trouble remembering the names of her closest friends, how to calculate a tip, and what errand she left the apartment to run.

That night I dreamed that I was telling a friend that “Nothing matters.” There wasn’t much more to the dream than that.

I woke feeling oddly reassured, but also confused. Could the dream’s message be true? “Nothing matters,” sounded nihilistic and hopeless in the light of day.

I brought the dream snippet to Justina Lasley of the Institute for Dream Studies. “It’s just a little dream,” I explained, almost apologetically, before we began our dreamwork.

Justina led me in an exercise in which we engaged in a dialogue with the dream.  Justina asked questions and I responded in the voice of, and from the perspective of, “Nothing Matters.”

Here is an edited transcription of that conversation between the Dreamer and the voice of Nothing Matters:

DIALOGUE WITH Nothing Matters

Where do you reside?

High in the clouds.

What are you?

I’m a lighter view.

What is your purpose?

To hold everything.


To help it make sense.

To whom?


Why do you care?

I love them. They are burdened.


Because they are attached to all that happens.  They’re on a roller coaster with ups and downs.

How can you unburden them?

I remind them it doesn’t matter.

Why would people do anything if nothing matters?

They do things anyway. They have to do them more lightly, with less attachment.

Does it have to do with enjoyment rather than purpose?

The enjoyment should be higher.

How do people get to understand and not resist?

When things start coming apart—then they see it. When you see it from a high perspective, what looks like coming apart on the ground, looks like a pattern of flowing, unified movement.  It‘s neither good, nor bad. It just is.

What is your worst enemy?

People being blind. Not seeing me.

What causes them to be blind?

They are so individual and separate.  They cling and hang on.

What are they hanging onto?

Meaning. Their own self-importance.  The ego.

What does matter?

Connection, the big picture. What they can’t see.

How can they understand it?

They need to trust it and feel it.

How would you teach that?

By bringing them up here with me so they can see for themselves.  It’s a helpful view.  A loving view.  It would help them tolerate things. I’d tell them to think back and forward as far as they can.  Play with perspective.

But I’m losing my mother. I feel devastated, angry. It feels like the end of the world!

Nothing is lost. You are always loved.  You are part of everything and so is she.  Just breathe, relax, and trust.   I know it is hard to do that without a mother.

Where do I find my strength?

It’s inside.

I feel empty.

Close your eyes and let go. Little by little you will understand.

I need to come to your perspective.

I will find you in your dreams and bring you up here so you can see.

Mom and me.


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