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Follow your dreams … No, really! (“On the Path”–A Corner View* post)

IMG_1892Some people say, “Follow your dreams,” and they are just parroting some expression they heard. But when I say it, I mean it! My dreams have led me to jobs, to relationships, and right up the path to the front door of my new home when I was looking for a place to live five years ago!

I believe that dreams, especially persistent, memorable, or unusual ones, are trying to get our attention. It’s as though a deep and timeless part of ourselves, the wise self that lives within each of us, is speaking to us through stories and scenes.

Each dream can act as a steppingstone, leading us along our soul’s path. Some dreams will beckon us to take a turn in an unexpected direction, others will offer course corrections if we’re wandering astray, or affirmation when we’re on the right path.

IMG_2840Like the best friend who will tell you if you have spinach stuck between your teeth, or a label sticking out on the back of your shirt—dreams won’t let you fool yourself into thinking you’re doing better than you really are. But, they’ll also never criticize without offering constructive help in the form of images, puns, or stories that point us toward our strengths and sources of sustenance and support.

Our job is to pay attention to our dreams; to listen to them with an attitude of curiosity and nonjudgmental consideration. Over time you will learn to decipher their messages and meaning; you’ll start to understand our own dream language, and thus have new channels of information, wisdom, healing, and guidance available to you.

Have you followed a dream lately? Tell us where it led you!

*Corner View* is a weekly appointment – each Wednesday, where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme. This week’s theme is “Path”.  


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Your Own Internal GPS Makes the Journey More Fufilling

Chrysler 300 Dashboard - 1955

(Photo credit: MR38)

In this dream I am driving a car along a scenic mountain highway, with rising cliffs to my right, and a deep ravine with a river flowing at my left. I call over to the driver in the next lane over, and say, with my voice full of swagger: “Guess what? I’m driving without my GPS this time!” And just as I shout these words, the road tilts so it is practically vertical; my car starts to slide toward the deep ravine below. I struggle to right the car, manage to get back on the road, and wind up dead-ended at a ferry dock with no boats.

In waking life, I often say that the dream is like each person’s internal GPS. They are our own impeccable technology that can guide us to our best future – that is – if we choose to listen.

This dream, I knew on waking, was a warning and a reminder to me. There have certainly been times when I have decided to live my life without consulting my internal GPS. In these cases I decided to forgo the sage advice of my dreams and intuitions. Guess what? It never turns out too well.

When I drive my car to new destinations in waking life, it is sometimes fun to turn off the GPS on my dashboard and read a map instead. But when I steer through life itself, I am happy for the reminder to consult the GPS of my dreams and intuition. Things just seem to go better when I do.


Have you consulted your internal GPS lately?

To learn more about how your dreams can help you find your way to greater clarity into emotional issues, creative blocks, problems, or questions, contact me and set up an appointment for a dream consultation. Or visit me at Third House Moon.

Meanwhile, let your dreams lead you to your best life … and enjoy the ride!


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