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Snooze Flash: New Book by Yours Truly

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My brand new book, LEARNING IN MRS. TOWNE’S HOUSE: A TEACHER, HER STUDENTS, AND THE WOMAN WHO INSPIRED THEM has nothing to do with dreams … well, not directly anyway.

It’s a book about my experiences teaching poetry to teen moms at The Care Center, a GED program in Holyoke, Mass. It’s also about the fascinating story of Elizabeth Towne (1865-1960), the woman who used to inhabit the building that is now our school. Mrs. Towne had been a teen mom herself, and went on to become a leader in the New Thought movement (pre-cursor to the New Age movement), a successful and well-known publisher, an international speaker, a women’s right’s activist and our city’s first woman to hold public office.

Lots of interesting stories there … but there’s no way around it: It’s not a book about dreams.

But it is, after all, my memoir. So, it’s not surprising that dreams are involved in at least three significant plot points in the book.

And of course, the book represents a dream come true for me! I wrote it several years ago, then let it sit in my drawer for several more years. Recently my wonderful friend, DNMNK, insisted that I get the book into print, even if that means I have to publish it myself. Dreams, after all, are so much better when you can bring them into the light of day.

So, I started to research self-publishing options. And then I discovered Levellers Press in Florence, Mass., a local publisher that specializes in books about local history and poetry … and my book contains both! A dreamy combination, if I do say so myself.

So, this week the book is being published by Levellers. If you’re local, come celebrate with me on Wednesday, July 20, 6 p.m. at Wistariahurst Museum in Holyoke.

Or, if you believe in the power of stories and the power of dreams, but you can’t make it to the event, you can order a copy by clicking here.

Here’s hoping that all of your dreams come true! And may your dreams enliven all of your ventures and adventures.

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