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“Nothing Matters”-The Voice of the Dream

Ah, the small things … This week we’re looking at all the little things . In dreams that means not discounting the snippets and fragments. Sometimes big wisdom comes in little packages!

All the Snooze That's Fit to Print

One night, during a recent visit with my mother, who is suffering from age-related memory loss, I went to sleep feeling sad, small, angry and frightened over what is happening to her. This is the woman I have known all my life as a smart, cultured, loving and generous being. And now she has trouble remembering the names of her closest friends, how to calculate a tip, and what errand she left the apartment to run.

That night I dreamed that I was telling a friend that “Nothing matters.” There wasn’t much more to the dream than that.

I woke feeling oddly reassured, but also confused. Could the dream’s message be true? “Nothing matters,” sounded nihilistic and hopeless in the light of day.

I brought the dream snippet to Justina Lasley of the Institute for Dream Studies. “It’s just a little dream,” I explained, almost apologetically, before we began…

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Forgotten Dreams

Sunrise over the south beach of Jamaica.

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“Where do forgotten dreams go?”

J. Allan Hobson, Dream Life: An Experimental Memoir, pp. 175-176

 Where Do Forgotten Dreams Go?

They sleep in endless seas

Dissolve into the orange gold horizon at dusk

Rise with the sun over distant lands

Wander like toothless men over mountains, following behind burros laden with their heavy packs.

Forgotten dreams shine through the eyes of your long lost ancestors, and the children who were never born.

They peer into a universe you never thought possible.


© 2011 Tzivia Gover


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