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Listen Up: A Conversation about Dreams & Diaries

Do you remember when you first started keeping a diary?

Dreamwork Podcast Cover

I do. I was 12 years old and my mother’s friend gave me a little plaid diary with a gold lock and key for my birthday. I’ve kept a diary ever since!

I’m jealous of 12-year old girls today, because when their mom or aunt or friend of the family gives them a diary, it might just be a copy of The Oasis Pages, which was dreamed up by Grace Welker, and it happens to be the most beautiful and engaging diary I’ve ever seen for girls.  (Okay, I admit, I use it, too, even though I’m not quite a teen anymore.)

Talking to Grace Welker, creator of the Oasis Pages Diary for Girls, about  our dreams.

Talking to Grace Welker, creator of the Oasis Pages Diary for Girls, about our dreams.

I recently sat down and talked with Grace about the diary, how she dreamed up the idea to publish a journal for teen girls, and where inner guidance comes from. Our conversation is recorded on DreamWork, my podcast about how dreams work in our lives. Listen in here:


One of my students writing in her copy of the Oasis Pages Diary for Teen Girls.


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Dream Journals

During a recent move I came face to face … literally … with the fact that I have accumulated nearly fifty journals. I began keeping a diary at age 12, and I still have that plaid cloth-covered book with a little brass lock. I don’t know when my diaries grew up and became journals. Nor do I know what percentage of those books are dream journals. Some months and years I kept separate dream journals, others I just wrote the dreams alongside, beneath or above entries about daytime adventures. Lately I’ve been starting journals from both ends (is that like burning a candle from both ends?) I draw a moon on the front cover of the notebook and flip it over and make a sun on the “back” cover. So, moving from the front of the notebook, each morning I record my dreams. Before bed, I flip the book over and beginning from the “back” I date the page and write a bit about the day. When day meets night we call it dusk. But when day meets night in my journals, I call it: “Time to go buy a new notebook.”

An assortment of dream journals ...

I peek inside a "day" journal, in which I muse on the importance of dream journals ...


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