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Lunchtime on the 11th (CV)


11:15 is lunchtime in the school where I work, so students and staff tend to have their eye on the clock as that hour approaches.

But that only partially explains why once or twice a day when I check the time these days I see that it’s 11:11. (Not 11:10 or 11:12, mind you … 11:11!)

When I get onto an 11:11 roll, I take note.


I started noticing 11s a long time ago. My first email address in the early ’90s was Tz11, because even then I had begun to notice that 11 played a special role in my life.

For one, all through my twenties my addresses contained the number 11. Then, after a long spate of living at number 11 on various streets and avenues, I moved to a house with a rambling rural route address, and no matter how I added the numbers, there was no 11. I began to fear that maybe this move was unlucky. But within weeks of moving in, I received a notice from the US Postal Service that they were changing the addresses in our tiny town. From now on, my house, which was located on a dirt road with only three other residences, would be number 74. Where did they come up with 74, I wondered. There weren’t anywhere close to that many houses within miles of my little cottage. But 74 it was, and I quickly realized that 7+4=11. Ahhh! Now, I felt that I was at home.

When I moved into my current address, I thought my lucky 11 streak had ended for sure. My house number added up to 9. No 11s whatsoever, no matter how I crunched the numbers. Until that is, I realized that my street name ended in a double “L”. In lower case, double l (ll) looks an awful lot like 11. I’ll take it. I settled in and made myself at home.


So what is it with 11s anyway? People who believe in numerology say that the number 11 is important because it is made up of two ones, and one is the number of unity, birth, and beginnings. Two ones make 11 a Master Power Number. And double 11? It just keeps getting better … Some say when you start to notice 11:11s:

  • Your life is about to change
  • You are entering a time of synchronicity
  • It is a wakeup call from Earth’s Angels.

Or perhaps, all of the above.

When I’m on an 11:11 roll I start looking for synchronicities. As the German philosopher Schoepenhauer said, coincidence is evidence of the “pre-established harmony” of the universe. Jung said synchronicity showed that all things are connected.

I’m open to all of the above.

And if nothing else, 11:11 remains special to me because it means lunchtime is almost here.


SPEAKING OF 11s: September 11, 2001 gave new meaning to the number 11. Today I invite you to pause and reflect on the significance this day holds for you and for our world. Let it be a day where we think of 11 new reasons and 11 new ways to make peace in our souls, in our lives, and in our world.


SPEAKING OF SYNCHRONICITY: Dreamwork is an easy way to invite synchronicity into your life. When you pay attention to your dreams at night, you will begin to notice more Coincidences, Synchronicities, and Serendipity in your days.


SPEAKING OF DREAMS: If you’d like to learn more about your dreams, schedule an appointment for dreamwork, purchase a dream journal, or buy a dreamwork gift certificate, visit me at Third House Moon.


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