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(not) Just a Box of Hearts


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What I like best about dreams is that after paying so much attention to the symbols generated by the mind asleep, I start to see symbols everywhere in the world awake.

View from the dream -- or from the glass elevator in Brussels (or are they the same thing?)

Case in point. In yoga class the teacher told the students that we should focus on our hearts. She said: “Soften your heart.” I said, “How do you do that?” She touched my back between my shoulder blades and said, “Soften here.” I said, “How do I do that?” She paused and said, “You’ll find a way.”

All week I tried to soften the back of my heart.

I never really thought about the back of my heart before.

But as I tried to soften the back of my heart, I felt the front of my heart open and lift.

Then suddenly, hearts began appearing as if out of the blue … or out of a dream:

At work, one of my students handed me a present. No occasion. She said she noticed the pink heart I wear sometimes around my neck, and so she thought I’d like these. She then handed me a box of heart pendants.

Box of Hearts

I was so moved by her generosity I barely noticed the poetry of the moment. A few days of breathing into my back heart, and opening my front heart, and now I was gifted with a box of hearts!

A week after that I was on vacation. While in Belgium, I met a friend I’d only met before on the Internet. After spending a magical day of flea markets, glass elevators, beautiful views, charming streets and a real Belgian waffle (with whipped cream and cherries) … she pulled out a little gift for me:

A hand-knit heart.

Hand Knit Heart

I am going to keep breathing into mine, front and back, to see what other hearts I might attract and where else the symbols might appear and where the metaphors might take me.

Brussels Flea Market

❤ ❤ ❤

With thanks to Kritzia, Nadine and the Yoga Teacher, whose name I don’t know!

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