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B is for Bedroom

The ABCs of a Better Night’s Sleep

If you want to sleep better, begin with the basics. Your bedroom doesn’t need to be beautiful to ensure a good night’s sleep, but putting some thought into making your bed and its environs cozy and calm is certainly beneficial. Here are a few suggestions to help make improving your sleep environment a breeze:

"The Bedroom" Van Gogh

“The Bedroom” Van Gogh

  • Eliminate clutter to make your bedroom feel relaxed and spacious.
  • Remove distractions like televisions or computers, as well as any reminders of work or finances that might trigger stressful thoughts.
  • Use heavy curtains or shades to eliminate as much light as possible. A dark room is essential for a good night’s sleep.
  • Backlit digital clocks and electronic equipment all emit light. Limit or eliminate the number of light sources in the room.
  • Switch your cell phone to “airplane mode” so that it doesn’t send and receive signals while you sleep. This will eliminate the possibility of being woken by a text message or call, but will allow you to use the phone’s alarm clock, as well as the voice memo feature to record your dreams.
  • Check your mattress and pillows. Are they still comfortable? If not, it may be time to replace them.
  • Candles, incense, and some decorative cozy pillows can give your room a cozy, inviting feel.
  • Use a lavender-scented eye pillow to help you relax into sleep.

Today’s blog post was brought to you by the letter B…

So that you might dream and be well!


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Grateful Dreamers Sleep Better

Saying thank you for a good night’s sleep

Purple-throated Carib hummingbird (Eulampis ju...
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According to researchers in a 2009 study conducted at the School of Psychology in Manchester, England, daytime personality traits such as neuroticism, anxiety, anger, and stress, negatively impact one’s quality of sleep. Conversely, positive personality traits, like expression of gratitude, can improve the quality of sleep.

People who fall asleep focusing on gratitude, the study says, sleep better and longer, and have a more positive outlook in the morning.

What do you have to lose? Go to sleep thankful.

Ten Wonderful Things

In my book Joy in Every Moment I suggest a variety of a simple gratitude practices. This is my favorite bedtime gratitude practice:

  • As you fall asleep think of 10 Wonderful Things about the day that just passed.
  • Be sure to look for small wonderful details, in addition to the big ticket items. You can feel just as grateful for the sight of a hummingbird hovering above the bird feeder outside your window as you can about getting a promotion at work.
  • As you think of each Wonderful Thing, re-experience it in your imagination, calling to mind all of the sensory details of the experience (taste, smell, sounds, texture, visual details, etc.)
  • Hold each experience in your mind for the length of several gentle, relaxed breaths.
  • Feel your heart fill with gratitude as you recall each of these wonderful moments.

From now on, rather than counting sheep, use this practice to count your blessings as you drift into sleep.


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Gratitude influences sleep through the mechanism of pre-sleep cognitions. Wood AM, Joseph S, Lloyd J, Atkins S. School of Psychology, University of Manchester, Manchester, England, UK. 2009. alex.wood@manchester.ac.uk; http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19073292


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