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Lesson Learned: A New App for Dreamers (CV)

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This week I’ve been participating in the International Association for the Study of Dreams cyber conference on Lucid Dreaming.

I’ve been picking up fun tips and being introduced to profound new thoughts about dreaming there.

I’d like to share this one with you now … and stay tuned for more later.

From a paper posted to the cyber conference by Linda Lane Magallón, MBA, I learned a new tool and technique for incubating dreams. And best of all there’s an app for it!

Here’s the deal: Magallón recommends making vision boards, the kind popularized by Rhonda Byrne in “The Secret,” for incubating dreams. That in itself is a great idea. I’ve used the vision board concept in the past to help me materialize my intentions, but I never thought of using this technique for dream incubation.

And here’s the new take on an old idea. Back in the day I’d collect images from old magazines and paste them onto a piece of paper or pin them to a bulletin board to create a point of visual focus for materializing my  intentions. Everyone loves a nice collage, but now there’s an app, so you can input the images directly to your iPhone, and you get to carry your dream vision board with you all day long.

For example, when I wanted to incubate a dream of healing for the earth for 350 Dreamers last month, I collected images of nature, balance, love and creative solutions.

I used my new Happy Tapper vision board app (.99 cents) and created my dream vision board on my iPhone in a matter of minutes — then used it to incubate my healing dream. And, I’m happy to report, every image I placed on my vision board entered my dream in one form or another.

I’m looking forward to continued fun with my new app … and now I  have one more reason to say that the iPhone is a Dreamer’s best friend!


To learn more about how I can help you learn about your dreams (including learning to have lucid dreams, create dream intentions, or simply understand your dreams better), tap here.

To see what your soon-to-be-friends around the globe are learning to do, tap right here.


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Wish Upon the Falling Moon

Last night I was staring into the midnight sky, and saw the crescent moon tumbling. Tumbling and turning and swooping through blackness. A magnificent sight! A cloud of sparkling moon dust followed in its silvery slivered wake. I turned to my aunt, who was sitting beside me … “What the …” I sputtered, incredulous. “How do you explain that!?”

Of course there is but one explanation: It was a dream! Had I become aware of that fact in the moment it would have been a lucid dream, but instead I woke and sat up in bed reveling in the surprising image — then chiding myself for not taking the opportunity to wake up within the dream.

Every day we see so much that is beyond comprehension – the unexpected air-brush green of a summer plant in its last weeks of glory … or news reports of seemingly preventable disasters. Like the news today of another oil rig disaster, again off the Louisiana coast.

What can we do? Wake up within the dream we see with our eyes open – as well as the dreams we experience asleep, eyes closed. Bring consciousness to our nighttime dreams and use the healing energy of our deepest, wisest selves to restore our world to its natural state of beauty and wonder.

This is, in part, a plug to dream with our world-wide network of creative dreamers  who count themselves among “350 Dreamers.” On the night of the New Moon each month (Wednesday night, Sept. 8 in this case) we dedicate our night visions to global healing.

But mostly this is a plug for waking up. Wake up to the worlds you encounter – awake and asleep. Bring all of your consciousness to every experience … explore, question, marvel, delight!

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