Interpreting Your Dreams: What Your Drawings Can Teach You

This is a fun game to play that will give you a taste of the fun dreamwork can provide. Don’t forget, the only interpretation of your dream that is correct, is the one that gives you new insight or perspective.

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And we’re back to the Guinea Pig Diaries – Sleep Study Month!  Last week we talked about Popular Dream Meanings, and we’re going a step further today with a fun drawing activity.  Our dreams can be symbolic or pure release of our subconscious minds.  But sometimes our dreams have a reoccurring symbol and that could have meaning.

The following exercise is from Sylvia Browne’s Book of Dreams and I found it really fun and interesting.  Here are the directions:

Grab a pen and paper.  Draw these five objects:  a house, the sun, water, a tree, and a snake.

STOP READING!  Finish your picture, then continue on. 

Here’s mine!

Dream Drawing

Now, I have to give the same disclaimer that Sylvia gave in her book, which is that these interpretations of dream symbols are not THE ONLY ones they could mean, but they’re some of the more common.  If you’re interested in…

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2 responses to “Interpreting Your Dreams: What Your Drawings Can Teach You

  1. dreams are certainly interesting. Some night I have them and remember them vividly and other nights I am sure I dream but have no memory of them. I have been having really strange dreams lately.
    Hey, we are still having corner view if you want to join.

    • Hi Kelleyn, So nice to hear from you. I’ve been away from my blog lately, but I would like to return to Corner View soon. Thank you for that friendly reminder! And may you dream & be well 🙂

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