Keep a Dream Journal … and Keep Your Friends

Tell it to the Page

Funny thing about dreams: On the one hand, they are gripping, engaging, and endlessly interesting – when they are your own that is.

But when you start to tell them to your bed partner, you might be greeted with the old “Pillow-to-the-Ear” maneuver. That is: Bed partner rolls over, drags pillow over ear, feigns sleep.

Even your beloved, who laughs at all your jokes and asks every evening how your day was—who truly wants to know all about what your crazy co-workers said and did – even he goes glassy-eyed when you say with eager excitement in your voice, “You’ll never believe what I dreamed last night.”

How is it possible that the dream, so intriguing to the one who dreamed it, can inspire fear and dread in friends and loved ones? Let’s face it, whatever the reasons, not everyone is as smitten with their dreams as we are.

What’s the remedy? The longterm plan, of course, is to introduce our friends and family to the deep joys and pleasures of dream sharing. But in the meantime, I recommend to you once more, the virtues of keeping a dream journal. Your notebook or diary won’t fake a bout of snoring when you announce that you’ve just had the strangest dream. It’s always there to listen. And there’s nothing more patient than an empty page.

And then, when you really do have a doozy of a dream that needs your friend or partner’s attention – you have earned the right to pry the pillow from their ear and tell all.


The Third House Moon Dream Journal is always ready to listen to all your dream, from dream snippets to dream sagas.

Wishing you sweet and healing dreams.


What did you dream last night? Yes, I really do want to know. At All The Snooze That’s Fit to Print we honor and value dreams and dreamers alike.


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2 responses to “Keep a Dream Journal … and Keep Your Friends

  1. kirstenbackstrom

    Thank you for this! I hope it’s okay to share a link, here—it’s a blog post that’s closely related to what you’re saying… entitled “Are Dreams Boring?”

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