Guest Blogger Justina Lasley invites you to Wake Up to Your Dreams

I am very pleased to introduce you to my teacher, friend, and colleague Justina Lasley, founder and director of the Institute of Dream Studies. Justina believes passionately in the power of dreams to help, heal, and guide us. She is also a talented writer whose book has just been published. I invite you to read her words here, and to join me in celebrating the publication of her new book, Wake Up to Your Dreams.

How Dreams Guided Me Back to MyAuthentic Self and Greatest Potential

by Justina Lasley

Justina Lasley

Justina Lasley

As a child I often thought I must have been adopted. Here I was—imaginative and creative and dreamy—all alone in the midst of a very left-brained family interested in facts and hard-and-fast rules. Even though I knew I was loved by my family, I felt that my views and interests were often overlooked.

As an adult, I enjoyed my role as mother and felt delight and a strong sense of purpose in raising my three daughters. But as my daughters grew older and needed my attention less, I had more time to unravel the tightly wound strings of my life to begin my search for who I was authentically. I had previously lived my life in a way that would please others, but not necessarily myself. I trusted others’ decisions more than my own. I still did not fully believe in my self-worth beyond the value of the roles I played. My purpose no longer was to take care of everyone else’s needs, but to open the door to who I was and what I yearned for in my life—to become authentically Justina.

I had always looked to others for the answers in my life. Before I began to understand—thanks to my dreams—that I possessed my own wisdom, I had sincerely believed that all I needed to do was to figure out what my father would do in a certain situation and then I would have the “right” answer. Really, “the RIGHT answer?” As if anyone has the “right” answer!

Since discovering the gold in my own dreams, I am now dedicated not only to my dreams and their messages, but also to helping others access this magnificent gift of dreams. I feel that the world would be a gentler, wiser, more accepting place if we all would pay attention to our dreams.

If God speaks to us—and I believe He does—then I believe that dreams are His language. We are born with this incredible ability to stay connected to the One who created us, but we toss our dreams aside as if they are frivolous and meaningless. We were given this ability to stay connected to our essence, our true authentic essence, yet we give more value to our waking thoughts and decisions.

This gift is extremely important. I want to help people to understand and embrace the wisdom of their dreams, and to make it easy and even fun to do. I want to connect people to their inner wisdom by waking up to dreams.

Justina Lasley, M.A. is Founder & Director of the Institute for Dream Studies, an internationally recognized program to promote the understanding and value of dreams. Justina’s new book, Wake Up To Your Dreams presents her DreamSynergy™ method; an easy step-by-step science-based approach to unlocking the hidden messages of your unconscious mind in your nightly dreams. Whether you are a novice at dreamwork or have been taking your dreams seriously for years, this book will offer new insight.


“Justina’s new book, Wake Up to Your Dreams offers us a wonderful resource for mining the riches of our nighttime dreams!”

Tzivia Gover, Certified Dream Therapist

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