Turkey Dreaming

Wishing a dreamy Thanksgiving to one and all …

All the Snooze That's Fit to Print

English: Turkey (bird) English: Turkey (bird) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A turkey with luminous plumage strutted outside the picture window, where I lounged inside with a book. When I stepped up to the glass to look more closely at the magnificent bird, I noticed in the distance a man on horseback, gun poised to shoot.

I woke from this dream a few weeks before Thanksgiving. My first thought was that the dream was a simple pre-holiday picture of things to come. Turkeys are indeed being hunted this time of year. A quasi-vegetarian, I feel for the birds, and so it didn’t seem unusual that I’d dream of a turkey under the gun in early November.

But the bird was so luminous I decided the dream was asking for closer attention. Thus I took a moment to look up the spiritual significance of turkeys, in my trusty book: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

I learned…

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