Your Own Internal GPS Makes the Journey More Fufilling

This week’s theme (thank you Corner View) is “Replace” … so I’m hitting the RePlay(s)” button and re-blogging this post from last summer. (Get it…Replace/Replays … well, anyway, Enjoy!)

All the Snooze That's Fit to Print

Chrysler 300 Dashboard - 1955 (Photo credit: MR38)

In this dream I am driving a car along a scenic mountain highway, with rising cliffs to my right, and a deep ravine with a river flowing at my left. I call over to the driver in the next lane over, and say, with my voice full of swagger: “Guess what? I’m driving without my GPS this time!” And just as I shout these words, the road tilts so it is practically vertical; my car starts to slide toward the deep ravine below. I struggle to right the car, manage to get back on the road, and wind up dead-ended at a ferry dock with no boats.

In waking life, I often say that the dream is like each person’s internal GPS. They are our own impeccable technology that can guide us to our best future – that is – if we choose to listen.

This dream…

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9 responses to “Your Own Internal GPS Makes the Journey More Fufilling

  1. :)

    Funny idea 🙂 replay… again!

  2. i like that idea of the dream map as a persons internal GPS!
    Ooh, and I have some dreams I want to share speaking of that!!

  3. last night i also dream being in a car as a passenger in England ( I’m from the Netherlands) and we were driving and than I became aware that I’m sitting as in a Dutch car, so at the Dutch passenger side instead of the English. In my dream I thought, this is not possible, I have to sit on the other side now!! 🙂 I woke up than!

  4. revskid

    Some dreams I don’t think I want to figure out! Good post! : >)

  5. i love your dream, even if it’s just a tad horrific.
    and i hugely enjoy your car-bike replacement.
    clever replacement/replays! n♥

  6. i don’t dream often but when I do I pay attention to it. yes it is like an internal GPS.

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