What is dreamwork … and is it for you?

Dreams, especially persistent, memorable, or unusual ones, are trying to get our attention. It’s as though a deep and timeless part of ourselves, the wise self that lives within each of us, is speaking to us through stories and scenes.

Dreamwork is any method (including talking about dreams, writing about them, or creating art from them) that helps us understand these nighttime visions and uncover the information they carry.

Because dreams communicate through unusual, vivid, and arresting images, they can cut through our habitual ways of thinking and propel us to the heart of the matter.

Dreams offer keys to transform emotional, spiritual, or relational issues, and they help us transcend or dissolve blocks and obstacles that prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Through dreamwork we learn to hear and respond to the guidance, insight wisdom, and healing that our dreams offer.


It's true, I sleep better in my new, improved, sleep sanctuary.

What Happens During a Third House Moon Dreamwork Session?

Third House Moon Dreamwork session takes place over the phone, Skype, or in person, and lasts for an hour.

The session takes the form of a safe, structured conversation in which I ask you questions to help you connect with the images and actions of your dream.

Rather than interpret the dream, we listen and pay attention to ourselves and the dream to receive its messages with surprising ease.

When you have an “Aha!” moment—when you see or feel what the dream has been trying to tell you, we know we have found the gold we’ve been mining for.

I believe that it’s not enough to leave the dream on the pillow—our goal when we work together is to find the right action steps to take based on what we’ve learned from the dream.

After the dreamwork session is complete you will step into your waking life empowered by your dream’s messages.

It's true, I sleep better in my new, improved, sleep sanctuary.

How Do I Know if Dreamwork Is For Me?

Third House Moon Dream Consultation session would be right for you if:

  • You want to learn from your dreams, but you have trouble remembering them;
  • You’ve ever woken from a dream and felt like something important just took place but you don’t know exactly what;
  • You’ve woken from a dream that you’ve had many times before and wondered why it keeps coming back or if there’s some way to make it stop;
  • You’ve had a dream so scary that you didn’t want to go to bed the next night, or are hoping you won’t have another scary dream;
  • You’ve had a dream that you just can’t forget—and can’t quite figure out, either;
  • You are curious about dreams and want to learn more.

It's true, I sleep better in my new, improved, sleep sanctuary.

What Are the Benefits of Dreamwork?

When people work closely with their dreams they often find that creative blocks dissolve, they gain new insights into questions about work and relationship issues. People also learn to aid in the healing of physical symptoms and emotional pain through dreamwork.

Other benefits of regular dreamwork include heightened intuition and sharper insights. Dreamwork can also help children and adults heal from nightmares.

What Do Others Say About Dreamwork with Tzivia?

“Tzivia is particularly effective at applying aspects of the dream to possible waking life experiences or challenges. … I have had many “Aha!” moments when a previously confusing aspect of my dream became suddenly apparent and clear through her suggested possibilities.”


“I’ve learned to sharpen my own dream deciphering skills and become more familiar with the nuances of my personal interior dream language through participation with Tzivia as an unparalleled guide into the realm of the unconscious.” 


“Through my dream work with Tzivia, I have been humbled and inspired by the power of the dream as a continually available motivational resource for spiritual transformation, personal growth, creative expression, and overall wholeness.” 


Summer Dreamwork Special:

Contact me to sign up for a dreamwork session for June 15-July 15, 2014 and receive a FREE ThirdHouseMoon Dream Journal.


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