A Dreamer’s Role in Hopeless Times

There’s much to learn from dreams — and nightmares — as we confront the effects of global climate change.

350 Dreamers

Some daunting facts

Last night I was (finally) reading last weekend’s NYT Sunday Magazine and this article about Paul Kingsnorth, an environmentalist who has abandoned hope for stopping climate change, spoke to me (click to read it). Here’s an excerpt from the piece that relates directly to our stated goal for 350 Dreamers, which I started in 2009 in response to 350.org’s call to take action to join together to stop global climate change:

… The first decade of the 21st century was shaping up to be the hottest in recorded history. In 2007, the Arctic sea ice shrank to a level not seen in centuries. That same year, the NASA climatologist James Hansen, who has been ringing the climate alarm since the 1980s, announced that in order to elude the most devastating consequences, we’d need to maintain carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at a level of 350 parts…

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