Converted to Love: A Valentine’s Day Dream Poem

IMG_3246Jewish Girl Takes Communion

God says I can. So I do.

“The wafer is the body

Of love. The wine

Its desire.” I eat

This body. I drink

This blood. My heart

Is thus converted.

© 2014 Tzivia Gover

(from 12-2-13 Dream)


“Jewish Girl Takes Communion” is a dream poem. The poem is simply the transcription of a dream I had. With minimal editing the dream becomes a poem. Give it a try, and post your results here!


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5 responses to “Converted to Love: A Valentine’s Day Dream Poem

  1. VERY yummy, Tzivia! Thanks for posting and thanks for the idea. Now, would there was a dream to transcribe!!! xRiva

  2. Donna Hayes

    Hi Tzivia,
    I love this poem, thank you….it is everything I love about poetry and dreaming: unusual, simply tender and complexly powerful. At the Natural Spirituality conference I went to last weekend, I had the opportunity to write a French pantoum based on a dream and visualization I had. Wow. Dreams and poetry together, it doesn’t get any better than that.

    Lovely dreaming,

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