Dreaming Home and Away (CV)

After returning from a long trip this summer, my sister asked me if I dream differently in my own bed than I do when I’m travelling.

Honestly, I’d never really thought about this before, but upon reflection I realized that I do experience an interesting pattern when I dream in new locations.

My first night or two sleeping in a new bed, my dreams tend to take place in my immediate environment. For example, I slept in a hotel room early this summer, and one of my first dreams in that bed took place in the hotel room itself.

While sleeping in the loft of a country cottage in upstate New York, I had a dream that took place in the loft.


Thinking back I remember sleeping at a new friend’s house in her son’s bedroom while he was off at a sleepover of his own. That night I dreamed of the boy, whom I had not yet met, tumbling like an acrobat with his friends in the bedroom where I lay dreaming. The next day when I did meet him, in the living room of his home, he started doing similar acrobatics.

If I am staying in the same bed for several nights, my dreams begin to roam farther afield. But on that first night or two, at least one significant dream tends to take place right around the spot where my head is resting on the pillow.

By contrast, sleeping at home in my own bed, my dreams take place in a wide variety of locations. Some take place in my bedroom, but those are the exception when I’m at home, and not the rule.

And now I’m wondering if this is true for others. Dreamers, I invite you to notice: Are your dreams different, in terms of quality, content, or quantity when you sleep away from home? If so, how?


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19 responses to “Dreaming Home and Away (CV)

  1. Bev

    I absolutely do dream differently when I’m away. In fact, I dream differently when I’m downstairs on the couch instead of in my own bed!

    • Hi Bev,
      Yes, I have that same experience. I used to sometimes sleep on my grandmother’s old chaise lounge in my study and I’d have magical dreams when I did.

  2. :)

    That’s an interesting question, I’d never thought about it… I’ll try to think about my dreams when I’ll be in an “other” bed 😉 (next week…).
    Have a dreamy day!

  3. Fun to come across your answer to my question via this post, thanks!!!
    I will answer to your question in a few days, we can even do a dream together…from the same bed!! How does that sound?!!(wheres that smiley face icon… ♡)!

  4. would you know…. i don’t know!
    are they different?
    oh, now i realize once again what a bad *** i am at noting it all down, because i don’t…!!!! yet! i do love dreaming though, i do.

  5. David

    Great question with possible important implications over and beyond its own intrinsic interest. You suggest a wonderful research undertaking. I am particularly intrigued to learn if your experience is generally true and, if so, really discuss what that says for the power of novelty in general, and novelty of sleeping location on the dreaming process. Is the newness of a place take over the free roaming that ordinarily happens in dreaming? Does it have the same effect as emotional salience in “directing” the dream?

  6. I don’t know – what I do know is that when I’m away, I wake up from dreams not knowing where I am. At home, I never wake up, and never remember the dreams.

  7. Interesting reflexions…really cannot remember my dreams…most of them…so imposible to say something about it. And this summer night were too hot even to sleep…that kind of slepp-awake moments

    • Hi ibabe,
      Hmmm …. sometimes that sleep/awake time can be good for dream recall. Some even recommend drinking a glass of water before bed so you’ll wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and will remember dreams at the same time 🙂

  8. They do differ… or rather I rarely remember vacation dreams as I am usually so worn out when I finally get to sleep 🙂

  9. I sleep different away, maybe even more relaxed because being away I don’t think of daily bills or worries…!

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