Hop a Dream to Somewhere Else (Corner View)



Is the right time …

to hop a dream … IMG_2480

IMG_2527 to somewhere else … 

Dream big!


Dreaming is free … it’s easy … it’s safe!

No passport required! 

So close your eyes,

and fly away!


These dreamy images are from Vieques, PR …


Where do your dreams take you?


Travel through the blogosphere to somewhere else by visiting more Corner View blogs. Corner View is a weekly appointment – each Wednesday, where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme. 


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4 responses to “Hop a Dream to Somewhere Else (Corner View)

  1. my dream will take me to the other side of the world, i have not been there yet, i would love to see new sealand ( after seeing lord of the rings) and go to mongolië…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..sssssssssssssstttt….i’m dreaming 🙂

  2. Always! I am always dreaming of the next adventure!

  3. hop a dream…the title seems also Perfect slogan for eco-travel! I like the sound of it!
    I have a ticket for a dream train tonight, see you there! Hope to have some good hops to share in the morn`. And happy hopping to you back to your bed and to sweet dreams…

  4. thxs, i will!

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