What’s That You Say, Mrs. Robinson? (File under S for Synchronicity)

The other day I woke from a dream in which “Mrs. Robinson” played a prominent role.

The Graduate Original Soundtrack album cover.

The Graduate Original Soundtrack album cover. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That afternoon I went to the Library for my regular fix of books and audiobooks.

And what did I find sitting on top of one of the shelves, as if someone had left it there just for me?

Yup! You guessed it:

“The Graduate.” The audiobook version. (Who even knew such a version existed?)

Coincidence? Synchronicity? Selective perception?

You tell me.

Coo Coo Ca Choo

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4 responses to “What’s That You Say, Mrs. Robinson? (File under S for Synchronicity)

  1. serendipity.
    love it. are you listening to it now?

  2. Seajay Crosson

    Here’s something similar: While in the midst of reading a semi-autobiographical novel, I stopped to reflect, as I have done periodically over the past few years, that it would be an interesting exercise to re-read a few of my favorite childhood books to discover what memories or other goodies this might prompt. At that particular moment, +Misty of Chincoteague+ by Marguerite Henry came to mind—a true story about two children adopting wild ponies. Several years back I bought a copy for that purpose, but it remains unread. Absently, I wondered if I could find it (we’ve moved several times) and decided it was unlikely, so decided to defer the idea. The following day, I went to a coffee shop I visit every few weeks. They had begun a new offering: There was a very small bookshelf containing perhaps 20-30 books. Above it was a sign explaining that this is a place to take a book, and in turn bring one to give away. There, in the small collection, was +Misty of Chincoteague+. “Guess I’m supposed to read it at this time after all,” I thought. When this sort of thing happens, which is often, I feel in synch with the Larger Something all around us, a “being in the right place at the right time.” Afterword: I wrote the above late Friday night, just after the blog post arrived in my email. Early Sunday afternoon, a friend who is writing a book about Lucid Dreaming made arrangements to interview me at a coffee shop (different one from above, same owners). As I approached the counter to get my coffee, “Mrs. Robinson” played on the overhead speakers! Perhaps that’s why I waited to send my story. The Weaving continues to Weave.

  3. Hi Seajay, what a great string of synchronicities! I’ll be very curious to hear if when you read “Misty” you find out why the Universe was pointing you back to that book!

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