When Dreams Blossom Into Poetry (CV: Flowers)

On Saturday I will be presenting a paper about the connection between  writing and dreaming at a conference on Creativity and Dreaming. (There’s still space available if you want to come join us!)

One of the things I’ll be discussing is how many stories and poems begin as dreams.

My dreams often get translated into poems. As this one did:

Pink Flower Dream

After years of separation

we embrace

alone on the dance floor.

Let’s go, you say

and we twirl.

Who cares what others

will say or what it means

to be dancing, again. Just swing

with the music. A man lifts

a flower from a nearby pool–

blossoms vining up the stem–

and hands it to me. You take it

to your nose. Inhale.

 Together we sit

with the flower.


from July 26, 2012 Dream Report


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9 responses to “When Dreams Blossom Into Poetry (CV: Flowers)

  1. the ending, of course, being a sweet, sweet dream….

  2. dancing and twirling,
    flowers and poems—i love the imagery in your
    beautiful dream!!
    Good luck with your presentation!

  3. Bev

    Lovely! Good luck with your presentation – I hope it’s a wonderful gathering!

  4. Lovely dream! And good luck too!

  5. the poem is beautiful. you wrote it?

    • Yes, Bonnie, I did write the poem. I am so glad you enjoyed it. And thanks to your comment in the future I will make it clear that I am the author. I always encourage my students to sign their work… but sometimes I forget to sign my own:-)

  6. yes …. the flower in my photos is a camellia … 🙂

  7. what an interesting conference! you should write a story, and end it with a dream 🙂

  8. Thanks all for your good luck wishes! The conference was a great success and my paper was very well received. I may take Francesca’s advice and write a little story about it … maybe for this blog!

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