This week’s theme for Corner View bloggers is “Hands,” and last week’s theme was “Synchronicities.” I’m re-blogging this post about Hamsas, which brings both themes together! (Thank you to Joanne, for suggesting these themes, back to back.)

All the Snooze That's Fit to Print

The other night I dreamed:

I see myself in my mirror wearing a red tunic edged with gold stitching. From my neck hangs an elaborate necklace with hamsas hanging from it: There’s one large hamsa at my heart center, then a smaller one hanging from that one. More hamsas come down the sides of the necklace. I look at myself in wonder.

When I woke, I reached over to my bedside table where I keep a variety of lovely objects, including a large metal hamsa and a tiny silver one on a red silk bracelet cord. Except the clasp on the bracelet broke long ago, so I keep it by my bedside and not on my wrist.

When I dressed, I put the hamsas in my pocket and rushed off to teach then to meet my friend, DNMNK in Cambridge for our Passover festivities.

We had an hour or so…

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  1. The image is intriguiging of the eye in the hand. I don`t really know about hamsas, and makes me curious…Just re-visited your story! Fun how all the synchronicities unfold…and I am sure continue to do so even now as you sleep:)) I love the part where you meet the lady in the red tunic! Happy adventures in wake and in sleep!!

    • Thanks, Jo! I love Hamsas. They are good luck symbols in the Middle East including Israel and Arab countries. That alone is a reason to love them 🙂 Then of course there is the power of healing hands, etc. etc. Not to mention their beauty. So I hope you will explore the wonderful world of Hamsas now 🙂

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