L is for dream LINES (CV)

sometimes a line from a dream

lingers in the imagination

lovely, literary; it doesn’t want to be analyzed, doesn’t want to be any longer than it is

let the line be

let it lead you




she writes her phone number in watery symbols I can’t translate



A man offers a soliloquy about love while submerged in a swimming pool.



We wake entwined in each other’s naked limbs, in our little sunk-in bedroom. Above us, passersby wave and say hello. We wave back, then turn and kiss some more.



these lines landed from various dreams I had in December of 2012

What dream lines linger in your mind?

To learn more about your dreams and how to understand them, contact me.

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11 responses to “L is for dream LINES (CV)

  1. Most of my dreams, I forget as soon as I wake up. Only sometimes hangs a picture.

    • Hi Kristin … Remembering dreams can take a bit of practice. You can hold onto those pictures for longer if you like and if you’re willing to work at it a little bit. 🙂 Happy dreaming!

  2. Such poetic dreams you have! Mine are more commonplace.

    • Hi Elizabeth … my response to you is the same as what I wrote to Heather. All of life awake and asleep is a poem, a painting, a dance … if you look at it through artistic lenses. We all have a set 🙂

  3. Nice dreams! Like Elizabeth, mine aren’t nearly as poetic.

    • Heather, I am convinced one can find a poem just about everywhere … I’m sure your dreams are as poetic as any others. Just look at them through your artist glasses 🙂

  4. I love waking up with lines, and it does happen sometimes,
    and if I don`t write them right away,
    they disappear!
    Love how yours remain, like the edge of the wave on the shore,

  5. those seem the best kind of dreams: awake dreams of dreams.

  6. :)

    BeautifuL and Lovely choice…

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