Waking: Simple Pleasures (CV)

The (Daily) Birth of Pleasure

IMG_2252IMG_2253 IMG_2257

To wake and stretch, and re-inhabit limbs;

To linger with the picture postcards from our dreams;

To reunite with morning light. To breathe the steamy breath

from a bowl of oats, a cup of tea; To page a book;

To pause. The pleasure,

before the business of the day begins.

The book I'm currently reading, "The Birth of Pleasure" by Carol Gilligan.

The book I’m currently reading, The Birth of Pleasure, by Carol Gilligan.


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9 responses to “Waking: Simple Pleasures (CV)

  1. Perfect pleasures!!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic morning just as you wrote it.
    The book also sounds interesting.

  3. I like your morning with nice pleasures 🙂

  4. That sounds like a wonderful morning.

  5. These are perfect pleasures! To pause was the one I liked the most!

  6. It sounds so beautiful. I wish my mornings were like that 🙂

  7. :)

    With you, simple pleasures are poetry 🙂

  8. simple pleaure
    to leaf a dream diary made by tzivia………

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