A Dream Journal for Morning, Noon, & Night (CV)

No, a dream journal is not just for recording what happens at night.


What we dream asleep—and what we experience during the day—are intimately connected.

That’s why the Third House Moon Dream Journal is really a journal for morning, noon, and night.


This journal has pages marked with Suns and Moons, so you can track daytime activities (just circle the sun at the top of the page when writing about your day) and your nighttime dreams (circle the moon at the top of the page when writing down your dreams).



The journal also includes facts about dreaming, tips for recalling, recording, and understanding dreams, an index for logging recurring dream symbols, dream themes, and experiences with extraordinary dreams (lucid, precognitive, etc.) as well.


You may just find that when you begin to pay attention to your dreams and how they interact with your waking life, the whole experience becomes that much sweeter … morning, noon, and night!


To order the Third House Moon Dream Journal ($10) send me a message with your request and your postal address. I’ll respond with information on where to send your check, and the total amount including shipping.

Sweet dreams!



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6 responses to “A Dream Journal for Morning, Noon, & Night (CV)

  1. Brilliant!! Nice work 🙂

  2. David

    Great idea, I’ll order one to replace my boring yellow pad.

  3. Nice and interesting!

  4. So true! When I am stressed out, I have horrible stress dreams. When things are going well – like now – I sleep so much better and have nice “floaty” dreams.

  5. I will leave a testimonial, great dream journal!
    I really like mine, its so versatile, and yes, perfect for anytime of day, makes me realize that the line between day and night can blur as days and dreams blend into one!! Thanks for all your inspiration on and off the page!!xo

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