Look But Don’t Touch … Part II

On a recent visit to Kripalu, a yoga center in western Massachusetts, my sister and I took a late afternoon walk before attending a dance class. But before we went inside, we stood gazing at the sunset. Snow covered the sloping hill side, and bare trees showed off their elegant architecture in fading light that seemed to have been infused with fairy dust.

Silently we took all of this in. And silently I spoke to the exquisite landscape, which seemed to be shimmering with meaning: What have you come to tell me? I asked.

No answer.

Then, I heard my sister, say, “Embrace me!”

I turned to look at her. “Excuse me?” I asked.

“Well, I felt like the landscape was saying that, ‘Embrace me!’ ” she explained a bit sheepishly, “so I just said it out loud.”

What a funny way the world has of talking to us! I asked the question silently, my sister heard the answer in her head and gave it voice.

We stood and looked some more. After all, we could only embrace this wonder with our eyes.


p.s. My sister (who also happens to be a prolific blogger)  is visiting from her home in Japan. She is without her computer and without her camera, so she was not able to post on her own blog this week. She asked me to blog about our shared experience for her, so she could participate in Corner View even while she was “unplugged.” I hope you will visit her blog, too, and read some of her touching posts!


p.s.s. Asking a question of an inanimate object, symbol, or image, is a dreamwork technique called Active Imagination. It is often useful to dialogue with dream symbols in this way to engage the sub conscious and the conscious mind to find meaning in a dream or waking experience (such as an illness, accident, or encounter with nature). I write about it elsewhere on this blog.


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4 responses to “Look But Don’t Touch … Part II

  1. I loved reading this story, and imagining you sisters together before a landscape, and I can totally see Joanne say “embrace me”! I don’t know about dreams, but two grown sisters together, and so wholeheartedly so, is a dream come true.

    • Hi Francesca,
      I feel like you really “got” the essence of that post, as well as the essence of Joanne and my adventures together … both on that day in particular, but also as we step into our magical, mystical lives together and separately. Yes, almost all the time I spend with my sister is dreamy time!

  2. gis

    What a wonderful experience of being so close with someone from the family and share together the wonders of nature. When this moments happen it is such an emotion! Have a great year!

  3. I`m teary, reading your post and the comments by Francesca and his!
    Thank you for posting our moment. It is dreamy to be reading it now, and having the sense that it was a dream and at the same time knowing and feeling its reality!! Much love from me back in Japan! Happy dreamy days♡

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