101 Wonderful Things

Every year at around this time, I make a list of 101 Wonderful Things about the year that just passed.

I don’t remember when I started this tradition, but it’s been going on for at least 15 years. I start a day or two before the new year begins, and I make the list inside my journal du jour.


My journals for 2012. Two of them are handmade by me! One was made by a good friend.

It’s easy to think of 101 Wonderful things … especially because I keep a journal all year round, and I often end the day by making a list of 10 Wonderful Things about the day that just ended.

My list includes all kinds of things: Foods I tasted, people I met, songs I loved, books I read, dreams I had, places I visited, etc.

This year, one of the items on my list of Wonderful Things was learning to make simple hand-bound books.


I learned some simple bookbinding techniques this past summer along with my students at the GED program where I teach.

Which led to what might become a new twist on my now old tradition: I made a pamphlet-stitched booklet in which to write my list.


And while I was making my book look pretty I decided to add another element: Photographs.


The only problem I had was this: I ran out of pages before I ran out of wonderful things to list about the year 2012.


Happy New Year To All

May 2013 be filled with countless wonders!


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3 responses to “101 Wonderful Things

  1. Wonderful tradition.
    Happy New Year!!

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