The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching … and I realize I need to conserve my energy for cooking, cleaning and preparing to welcome my friends into my home for our feast! So, in the spirit of using my energy wisely, I’m re-blogging this post I wrote in August of 2011 on my 350 Dreamers blog. I hope it will help you to think about your energy and staying in balance this season!

350 Dreamers

On my final night of a summer writing workshop last week, the host asked who would be continuing with the program in the fall. Almost in unison the six of us who were gathered on comfy couches in the studio whined: “I can’t, I’m too busy!”

We each went on to list our multiple obligations, jobs, hobbies, relationships … until we sank into a morass of negativity about the scarcity of time as compared to the abundance of our needs to do … STUFF!

I, too, was singing out my to-do list, and finishing it off with my familiar refrain: “But I just love doing all of it, I don’t know what to give up!”

Can my overflowing datebook really be a problem if it’s filled with things I deem as valuable and enjoyable?

Umm. In a word: Yes!

Those of us who are part of 350 Dreamers, care…

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving and a toast to balance!!

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