I sat beneath a solitary tree

Looking for a sign

And when I stood I saw

Neither of us

Were alone.


You are never alone when you listen to your dreams. If you want to connect with yours, contact me.


If you long to read more about longing … visit Corner Views blogs from around the world:


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7 responses to “(be)longing

  1. nicely written. You are super passionate about dreaming. Just wondering why?

    • Hi Kellellyn,
      Thank you for your comment … and for your question! I should do a blog post to answer it. But in brief: My dreams have always (since age 4) been very vivid. I have found over time that they offer me sage counsel, warnings, hope, entertainment, occasional premonitions, and glimpses into new possibilities beyond my waking imagination. I am passionate about sharing my dream life because I hope it will inspire others to look inward to their dreams and imaginations, too. It’s a resource we all have. It’s free, fun, and powerful!


  2. Ale

    Ah how quickly longing can be turned into something different just with a tiny ‘be’

  3. I second Ale! Your poem in a few words makes me feel the depth of be-longing!! ♡

  4. A lovely evocation of longing 🙂

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