A Note from Me at 23:

a found poem

In this dream, I examine a leather glove

to see how it’s made. Will I unmake it, or make more?

I examine the patterns on Emily’s cape. I want to imitate her good taste.

I look Joy in the eye and say, I want to know you like a man.

I chew bubble gum and call my friend a wench.

I’m scared. I’m tired, but I can only go to sleep. Can’t I rest?

Is that why I want you? Because I’m all alone with these dreams?

I love to sleep, the way my dreams take me places,

the way they take me in.

Writing has always been

the answer. Dreaming

the question.

by Tzivia Gover 2012 & 1986


(from my journal Jan. 10, 1986)

This month I am participating, with my students, in “30 Poems in November”, a fundraiser for literacy. We’ll be posting a poem a day on our blog. To sponsor us, or get more information, please send me a message through this site or visit: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/TheCareCenter/30-poems-in-november-2012

To see my other November poems see: http://www.learninginmrstowneshouse.com/blog.html


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  1. your entry, this here dating from a long time ago, reveals so much of you. nothing new, isn’t that a treat? i mean, don’t get me wrong, as if i know you well enough. but i mean, it seems we are who we are, throughout one lifetime. that is reassuring. it is lovely to read up on your younger self. well, it is lovely so long it feels that. do you sometimes encounter blast-from-the-past monsters too? i know i do. …
    i love your piece of honesty though.
    and good luck with the 30 days.
    such an interesting fundraiser!

  2. Wow! There really is only one YOU!! YOU then and YOU now.
    Plus I love the idea of `dreaming the questions` .
    Sweet dreams, and my question for tonite…what is Time?
    tick tock tick tock…xo

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