King of Water

King Water - - 379695

King Water – – 379695 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The King of Water: “Healing” card in the Osho Zen Tarot deck.

I was wondering whether I should take the next step.

Then I fell.


And my dream said,

You are already doing it.

Preparing for the next step.

I created my own version of the Healing card using collage.

It’s time to heal yourself,

said the King of water,

then you can help others.

So I made a card

To affirm my decision

To heal

All the way.

Last night I dreamed

I was in the water

Ready to swim.


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2 responses to “King of Water

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  2. I like your poem and collage,
    and the flow of water and healing.
    Perfect stream of thought…bubbly cheers for the water king:))

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